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Best Pressure Washer Extension Wand To Help Pressure Wash Your Two/Three Storey House in 2023

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Are you worried about cleaning your two or three-story house? Read the 9 best pressure washer extension wand reviews and user guides for easy solutions!

A pressure washer extension wand may increase your work performance depending on the right type that goes well with your machine. An extension wand increases the Length of your spray gun by a significant degree so that you can easily clean the higher parts of your house.

Suppose you have a three-storied house, and its outing has become pretty dirty, and you want to clean it using your pressure washer. With the regular spray gun, the concentrated water might not reach after one or two stories. Even if the water reaches, it loses the sufficient force that is required to clean the dirt.

In this case, an extension wand will increase the Length, and your spray nozzle will be closer to the surface and create the maximum force to clean it properly. I hope this review will help you find the best extension wand for a pressure washer so that it becomes easier for you to buy one.

What is an Extension Wand for Pressure Washer?

An extension wand is nothing but a long metal hose that can be attached to the spray gun of your pressure washing machine.

pressure washer extension wand

There are different types, and qualities extension wands are available in the market. Some wands are curved so that it can reach those areas where it’s difficult to reach with a straight gun.

Both sides of an extension wand contain quick connectors; one side is attached to the spray gun, and on the other side, you need to connect your spray nozzle. The telescopic wands provide even more Length as they can be expanded or shortened easily.

Types of Telescopic Wands

As stated before, a telescopic wand increases and decreases in Length like a telescope. Based on the quality and material, you will get two different types of telescopic wands in the market.

1. Fiberglass Telescopic Wand

Most of the part of this type of wand is made of fiber, and it is light in weight. Because of its weight and low price, most of the people like it. This type of wand is not as strong as aluminum-made ones. You might have to face difficulty if you extend it to its entire length.

2. Aluminum Telescopic Wand

The other type of telescopic wand is the aluminum wand. They are made of aluminum and heavier than fiberglass wands.

You will have to count more money to buy them, but they are durable and robust. In your cleaning process, it will not create any problems, but you might have to use a belt to control it because of its heavy weight.

Best Pressure Washer Extension Wand – Updated Top 9 Reviews!

Review on some of the best extension wands are given below:

1. B E Pressure Telescoping Wand

B E Pressure Telescoping Wand

This extension hose can be stretched and made to the Length of a small-size pressure washer hose. Your work will be easier and more comfortable with this telescopic wand. It is partly made of fiber and partly metal. It has 2/3 inches inlet, and 1/2 inches outlet and a quick-connect plug for a better connection.

Around 4000 PSI tolerance level is the strength of this wand, and it can flow up to 8.0 GPM water. Its bras socket accepts the color-coded nozzles. You can use up to 180o F temperature water for better cleaning. You will get the following benefits


  • You can clean your 2-3 storied buildings easily and comfortably.
  • Connecting is easy and convenient with a nozzle and spray gun.
  • It provides quite a high-pressure tolerance level for safe usage.
  • Because of its fiber material, it’s not as heavy as many of them in the class.
  • It can tolerate a moderate level of water temperature.
  • It will be long-lasting and easy to carry.


  • Since it’s a telescopic wand for some people, it might be a little difficult to control when fully stretched.
  • For some connections, it might not go hand-in-hand; it’s better to buy it if your machine connections match with it.

To buy this extension wand, you must check the connections so you don’t regret it later. Your investment will be safe as it is pretty durable, and the company is ready to solve any of your problems related to the product.

2. Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Extension Wand

briggs and stratton pressure washer extension wand

6206 extension wand is like a telescopic wand where you will get three parts that can be attached to each other to make a long one. It can be 9 feet long which will allow you easy clean to your hard-to-reach areas. It can be connected to all the M22 fittings, which is the size of most of the machines and nozzles. This is exact OEM standards, manufactured and tested to help deliver optimum performance in Briggs & Stratton engines. The good and bad sides are as follows.


  • You can use an individual part of it, or you can also attach them to each other to make it longer.
  • It’s made of stainless steel, which makes it exceptionally strong and long-lasting.
  • It can tolerate up to 3000 PSI, which is the water pressure of most of residential machines.
  • It’s pretty easy to connect with the spray gun and nozzles.
  • If you have a Brigs & Stratton pressure washer, you don’t have to worry about matching the connections.


  • While using, you must add the three parts carefully so it doesn’t leak.
  • Because it’s made of stainless steel, you might have difficulty handling it when three parts are attached.

If you are in need of an extension wand, you can easily rely on this one. It will provide you with excellent service for a more extended period of time. For any kind of questions, you can also talk to their experts at any time of the day.

3. M MINGLE Pressure Washer Wand Extension

m mingle pressure washer wand extension

Combining the 6 parts, 15 inches each, of this wand can be the length of 90 inches, which is quite long. The parts are separate from each other and can be connected using ¼ inches male connector and used. It has around 4000 PSI tolerance levels, and you can connect this to the pressure washer parts using ¼ inches female socket. Stainless steel is used to make this wand for better durability. Check its benefits and demerits.


  • The best part of this wand is that you can join as many parts as you want from the six and use them.
  • You will get better performance and more extended durability with this wand.
  • It can tolerate immense pressure, which will provide you with safety during your work.
  • Connecting with the spray gun and nozzles is relatively easy and convenient.
  • This will reduce the distance between you and the surface you want to clean.
  • Cleaning will be fun with this extension wand.


  • It might be heavy to handle because of its material, and you might need to use a belt for better handling.
  • If you don’t connect the parts correctly, they might leak and hamper your work.

Buying this will be a wise decision if you really need an extension wand. Your investment will be safe and secure with this product; it will serve you for an extended period of time. If you happen to buy this product, don’t forget to give your feedback to us.

4. Tool Daily Pressure Washer Extension Wand

tool daily pressure washer extension wand

This is another set of 6 parts, 15 inches each, which can be joined to one another and make a long wand. The total length of the joined parts is 90 inches, and it can tolerate 4000 PSI water pressure, which means you can use your residential machine with it. The wand connects to the pressure washer gun by M22 male thread or 1/4″ quick connect plug. It can easily be connected to nozzles, foam cannons, water brooms, undercarriage cleaners, surface cleaners, cleaning brushes, gutter cleaner attachments, etc. See its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cleaning is fun and convenient with this extension wand.
  • You will get up to 90 inches long, and you can adjust your Length according to your need.
  • It’s made of metal, which means more extended durability and better pressure tolerance.
  • Multiple types of nozzles or other cleaning brushes can be easily connected to them.
  • Its pressure tolerance level is pretty high, and it doesn’t leak.
  • Because of its separate parts, it’s pretty easy to carry.


  • This extension wand becomes a little heavy when all the parts are joined; to use it, you might need a belt.
  • Water might leak if not connected to the parts correctly.

You can buy this item if you need an extension wand. You will get any length up to 90 inches by joining its parts. It’s durable, and comfortable, and it will give proper value to your investment.

American Hydro Clean PLQ25-33B-AHC

A wand that brings mobility to your work, Americal Hydro-Clean PLQ25-33B-AHC, is a pretty strong extension wand. For its durability, you don’t have to worry since it is made of stainless steel. The wand will give you a length of 33 inches, which should be enough to get the maximum speed. Up to 4500 PSI water force can be tolerated by this high-quality wand. You can also use up to 230o F water, and its 1/4BSPP M22 connection will fit most of the spray guns. Look at its good and bad sides.


  • Most of the spray nozzles and other types of connections will fit easily to this wand.
  • It’s made of stainless steel, which made it exceptionally strong and durable.
  • You can easily clean all your hard to reach areas with this.
  • Connecting it to your spray gun and spray nozzle is easy and quick.
  • It tolerates pretty high water pressure and provides a high GPM.
  • You can depend on this extension wand.


  • Some of the connections of your spray wand and nozzle might not fit this extension wand.
  • Since it’s not stretchable, you might fall short of Length if you want to clean your 2nd or 3rd storied house.

Don’t forget to check your nozzle and spray gun connection sizes so that you can match them with this wand. This product is quite a durable one for your pressure washer, and it will be a wise investment for you.

Powerfit PF31011A Extension Wand

best pressure washer extension wand

This is a durable yet lightweight extension wand for making your cleaning easier. You will get around 12 inches to reach with this wand, and you will not have any problem handling it like a telescopic wand. Its water pressure tolerance level is 4500 PSI, which is high for a residential pressure washer. Its click-connect coupler system makes it easier to connect with others and helps you right when you need it. Before selecting, see its good and bad sides.


  • Handling this extension wand is quite easy and comfortable.
  • It’s quick and easy to connect, so you don’t have to waste much time during your cleaning.
  • Its water pressure tolerance level is higher than most of the wands in this list.
  • You can carry it without much effort anywhere you want.
  • Since it’s made of stainless steel, it’ll provide you with longer service time.
  • This product is quite reliable and convenient to use.


  • If you need to reach a longer distance, it might fall short of Length.
  • Connecting it to a female connector might become a little difficult.

For your regular cleaning, this extension wand will be pretty good. You don’t have to worry about connecting its different parts as it has only one whole part. Without any hesitation, you can invest in this product and get its service for a long time.

AR North America Telescoping Extension Wand

ar north america extension wand

If you have an AR Blue Clean pressure washer, this extension wand is for you. It’s a telescopic wand that can be stretched up to 18 feet. It is made of fiberglass and can tolerate around 4000 PSI water pressure. Different connections can be made using its ¼ inches quick connect, allowing the hook up fast and efficiently. You can use a maximum of 300o F water temperature to make your cleaning perfect. Let’s see what benefits you will get out of it.


  • It will be pretty easy to handle because of its fiberglass material.
  • Cleaning your 2-3 storied building is pretty straightforward and comfortable.
  • It is durable, so you don’t have to buy wands over and over again for a long time.
  • It can tolerate the water pressure of almost all residential pressure washers.
  • For AR Blue, clean machines, it is specially made.
  • Connecting the nozzles and spray gun is easy and time-saving.


  • Some users said they didn’t get proper instructions for connecting and removing nozzles.
  • If not handled properly, it might not be as durable as you expect it to be.

For investing in an extension wand, it might be ideal for you. For people who are using AR Blue Clean pressure washers, they don’t have to worry much about the connections. Your investment will be safe and secure.

Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Extension Wand

best pressure washer extension wands

With a proper grip and six parts, the extension wand is Twinkle Star Pressure Washer, Extension Wand. 15 inches each part becomes 90 inches when joined to one another and provides you a good length for your cleaning. 1/4 inches quick connector is used for easy connecting, and it can tolerate around 4000 PSI water pressure. The company provides a full refund if a customer has dissatisfaction with using it. The benefits that you will get from this product are given below.


  • It’ll be easy and comfortable to use, and you can increase or decrease its length.
  • It tolerates a good amount of water pressure, which will cover most of the residential machines.
  • This company will give you your money back if you are unsatisfied with their product.
  • Because metal material it will be long-lasting and convenient.
  • You can easily carry its parts to your working place.
  • Connecting it with one another or the other parts of your machine will be easy.


  • Its weight might give you a little trouble handling it; you can use a belt if this happens.
  • If you don’t like the product, the refund process might take a little long time.

To clean your hard to reach areas, this extension wand will be quite perfect for you. It will last for a long period of time, and your investment will be secured with it.

SIMPSON Cleaning 31″ Wand Extension

simpson extension wand

For your little distance-covering areas, this extension wand will be a good product. It’s made of metal ensuring its durability; it can tolerate up to 4500 PSI water force. This is a cold water wand, and it’s recommended not to use any hot water. Its connectors are designed in such a way that they will fit most gas powered pressure washer parts. It has a length of 16 inches, which should be enough for cleaning your hard-to-reach areas. See its good and bad sides before selection.


  • You will not have any difficulty handling it because of its size and shape.
  • Most of gas run residential pressure washers provide less than 4500 PSI, so the wand can easily handle them.
  • It’s quite durable, and you don’t have to buy another one for a long time.
  • Connecting it to your pressure washer parts is quick and easy.
  • You can just put it in your bag and carry it wherever you want.
  • It will provide you with an effective cleaning, and you will not have any complaints.


  • For 2-3 storied buildings, this extension wand might fall short of Length.
  • It’s found in some cases that its connections are loose, so you must check carefully while receiving your delivery.

Light and convenient is this extension wand, which will provide you a good cleaning experience. Your money will be well invested in this product. It’s pretty strong and durable that you find in most of your products.

How does a Telescopic Extension Wand for Pressure Washer Work?

An extension wand is an extra wand to increase the Length of a spray gun, and a telescopic extension wand also works similarly. This type of wand can be expanded or reduced like a telescope. Two or three aluminum or fiberglass wands will be put inside each other, and when you pull them, they will slide out one by one. You will get a better idea if you closely look at the functions of your umbrella that you use on a rainy or sunny day. At the joining parts, high-tolerant rubber is used to prevent any kind of leakage.

How does a Telescopic Extension Wand work

Whenever you need a long wand, you have to connect the telescopic extension wand to your spray gun and pull it. The wand will slide out one by one to fit your required Length. It might be a little difficult to control this type of wand when fully extended because of its Length. You might need to use a belt to handle it properly.

Advantages of Using Extension Wands with Pressure Washers

You will find multiple advantages when you start using an extension wand with your pressure washing machine. Most of the time, we cannot clean the outer side of a two or three-storied building just because the water force of the pressure washer reduces when it reaches there. To be exact, the following benefits we get from an extension wand.

  • It gives access to clean the hard-to-reach or high areas without much effort.
  • Your cleaning becomes perfect and makes the surface clean and shiny.
  • You can easily wash the roof, siding, windows, and other surfaces of your second-story home.
  • Standing on the ground, you can even clean the gutters of your house quickly.
  • You will not feel any trouble even if you have a short hose.

Everything You Need to Know about Pressure Washer Extension Wand before Buying

Buying requires knowledge, experience, and confidence, whether you buy a new car or an extension wand. There are specific facts and features that you must keep in mind when you go to buy a wand. Else, you might end up buying a product that you didn’t want, or you could have purchased a better wand with the money that you spent. Let’s see the required information that we should look at while making the purchase.

Measure Your Working Area

At first, you need to measure what type of work you need your extension wand for. This will help you decide the exact type of you wand for your cleaning.

Know About its Types

You can choose a regular wand or a telescopic wand, which will give you a long coverage of your area. There are wands with curves of different angles, and the others are straight. Different wands have different connectors, and you need to match what goes with your machine.

Do Some Research

If you are new to this field, you either need to read the expert reviews or talk to an expert before selecting one. This is an important step that will not only help you choose an appropriate wand but also help you with how to use it in a better way. Because of that, you mustn’t ignore it.

Budget and Selection

The better product needs more money, and this is the place you might need to think. You will be on the winning side if you can purchase a better product at a low price. Check the features and facilities of multiple extension wands before you make a decision.

Make the Purchase

After considering all the things above, now is the time to buy your product. You can order online or go to a shop to buy. Don’t forget to check the product and listen to the seller if he has anything to say about using it.

Now you are the owner of an extension wand, and you can use it whenever you want.

How to Assemble and Use Extension Wands with Pressure Washer

An extension wand’s work is to increase the Length of your spray gun and give you proper access to hard-to-reach areas for better cleaning. It’s pretty easy to use these parts with your pressure washing machine.


The first work is to identify one end that should be attached to the spray gun. The user manual will help you in this case and show you how you should connect it. The latest connectors are easy and quick to connect, so you will not face any problems. In this way, you can use a general extension wand.

For a telescopic wand, you have to take some extra steps. First, connect it to your spray gun and then slide it out for greater Length and lock each part so that it doesn’t slide back in a while using. As stated earlier, it’s a little challenging to control a telescopic wand because of its increased Length. You can wear a belt that you can find in the same shop where you bought your wand from. Attach it to your spray gun and tie it to your waist for better control over the wand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I match my connectors with the extension wand?

You have to see the user manuals of both your machine parts and extension wand to match the connectors. You can also know it from the seller by telling them your pressure washer model.

Do I need a belt while using the extension wand?

The telescopic wands become heavy when fully expanded, and you might need a belt to handle them. For the small wands, you will not need them.

How do I attach my belt to my spray gun?

First, attach one side of your belt to your spray gun, wrap it around your waist and then attach the other end.

Where do I get a belt for my extension wand?

A: You can buy it from the same seller whom you purchased your extension wand from. You can also buy them from an e-commerce site like amazon.

How can I find out if I need an extension wand?

A: Your working place or stuff will tell you about it. If you work in an area where your cleaning surface is far, and your regular spray gun can’t provide enough force, you might need an extension wand.

What extension wand do I need to clean inside my tank or gutter?

A: A tank or gutter has different corners, and a straight gun might not reach every corner. You should choose a curved wand. Depending on the type of your tank, you have to decide the degree of your extension wand curve.

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