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Finding the best pressure washer surely is not an easy task. It becomes an acutely difficult job to choose when there are many options available in the market. Though there are plenty of reviews online, very few of them answer the questions that you have in your mind.

Just in case, Pressure Washer is a machine that uses the water force to clean the dirt off a surface. It has a spray gun with nozzle added at the tip from where the water comes out with immense force. You can use it to clean oil stains off a driveway, mildew off sidings, mud from a car, and many more.

In this website, we earnestly concentrated on providing all the important information that a buyer needs to know before buying. We have professionals who are experts in judging the good qualities of a pressure washer.

With the help of their expert advice, we upheld reviews to help you find the best power washer that you can get in the market. We strongly hope and believe that our tidings will actively support you before you purchase this machine.

Top 10 Best Pressure Washers – Reviews [2021 Updated]

After doing extensive research, we have found the following Top 10 power washers of the list:

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

sun joe spx3000

This pressure washer comes at the top of the list of top 10 pressure washers. The device has a powerful 14.5 Amp motor that generates 2030 PSI water pressure that is served at 1.76 GPM.

There are five quick-connect nozzle tips, 0, 15, 25, 40-degree, and a low-pressure soap applicator nozzle. Choose the best suitable nozzle that will fulfill your cleaning needs.

The modern Total Stop System (TSS) stops the motor if you are not using the device. You will get the 25-foot high-pressure hose and 35-foot power cord with GFCI protection. There are two 0.9L onboard detergent tanks that have a removable facility. You will get a warranty for two years from the manufacturer.

Combining all the facilities, the price of the device is minimum that fits your budget. Snow joe is the reputed company that makes the best quality Sun Joe pressure washer for different cleaning purposes.

2. SIMPSON MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer


The world-class Honda GC190 OHC premium engine generates 3100 PSI water pressure and serves at 2.5 GPM rate. The pump is OEM technologies Axial Cam Pump, which are maintenance-free.

The high-pressure hose is kink and abrasion-free that easily connects to the pump and spray gun. With the machine, you will get five quick-connect nozzles, 0, 15, 25, 40-degree, and soap applicator nozzle.

The device provides onboard accessory storage for its instruments, such as hose, spray gun, nozzles, etc. The frame of the machine is pretty strong, and the two 10 inch premium pneumatic tires make it move easily.

The device is pretty lucrative and durable to serve you for years. If you are thinking about power, this can be one of the best choices for you. You can easily buy it from amazon at a pretty low price.

3. AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383

This is a lightweight, high power pressure washer. Its 13Amp motor and tri-axial pump generate 1900 PSI of water pressure at 1.5 GPM rate for a smooth cleaning. For easy installation and removal, the spray gun has the quick-coupler system.

You will get an adjustable spray lance and a Turbo lance that will make your tough job easy. You don’t have to worry about its performance as all its users gave excellent ratings.

The device runs on electricity, and it has a 35-foot power cord to connect to the standard house phase.

The 20-foot high-pressure hose gives you a very good stretch to clean far from the machine. The power cord has GFCI protection so that you can use it on the wet ground without risk.

It has a 14 oz. Detergent tank to carry the detergent without any hassle. The modern Total Stop System (TSS) is a fantastic feature that the device contains. This system facilitates an automatic shut down when the device is not in use.

4. Generac 6602 OneWash Gas Pressure Washer

Generac 6602 OneWash

This is the only residential pressure washer that has a power dial to adjust the water pressure. Using the power dial, you can control the water flow and use it for different purposes.

The device provides you 3100 PSI water pressure and 2.8 GPM water flow. The power comes under the commercial power washer that you are getting on this machine.

It has a convenient detergent tank that has a drainable plug for its easy cleaning.

With the device comes a 30-foot high-pressure hose that you can easily connect to the pump and spray gun. The 10-inch wheels make it easy to carry the device around. The unique power dial gives you four different options to adjust the pressure of water.

5. SIMPSON PS3228 Gas Pressure Washer


Simpson is one of the best pressure washer makers in the market. Its 3200 PSI water pressure comes under the range of commercial pressure washer. The device uses the world-famous Honda GX200 OHV commercial series engine.

It has a wonderful AAA industrial triplex plunger pump where you can easily connect the hose. Its 25-foot high-pressure hose is kink and abrasion resistant that will serve you for years.

The welded steel frame and steel engine plate make the device more durable than many other machines. With a pro-style spray gun, you will get five quick-connect nozzle tips. The nozzle tips vary from 0-degree pencil point to 40-degree wide spray span.

It has a downstream detergent injection system for an easy detergent application. Based on the other pressure washer, this device is the best one for commercial use.

6. AR Blue Clean AR118 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR118

One of the most lightweight pressure washers that you can carry without much effort. You will get 1500 PSI water pressure and 1.5 GPM flow from 12 amp universal motor and tri-axial pump.

There are various nozzles that you can easily connect to the quick-coupler spray wand. The device provides a 35-foot power cord and a 20-foot high-pressure hose.

The power cord has a feature of the auto-reset GFCI module for your safety on a wet ground. You will get an 11 oz — detergent bottle for easy detergent application.

The device has a Total Stop System (TSS). Because of this feature, the device will shut off on its own if you are not using the trigger. There is a one year warranty as well with the machine.

People like this device because of its lightweight, power, and price. We can say that this device can be a perfect choice if you think about residential use.

7. Generac 6596 Gas Pressure Washer

Generac 6596

The device has a horizontal shaft OHV engine that has the feature of low-oil shut-down. For residential use, 2800 PSI water pressure is a lot that the device will deliver to you. Now you don’t need to kneel to connect the hose to the pump as it has Axial Cam Pump.

There is a soft grip with the spray gun to it conveniently, and it reduces fatigue. The control panel of the device is pretty user-friendly. You can easily handle the on/off, chock and fuel shutoff, etc.

There is a 3/4 gallon detergent tank to carry the cleaning solution for the shiny look. O, 25, 40, and a soap applicator nozzle are added to the product. With the nozzle, you can easily clean the hard-to-reach areas comfortably.

There is onboard storage for all its components to make the device look compact. We strongly recommend you to buy it which can suit your required needs.

8. Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX1000

This is an electric pressure washer that uses 11.5 Amp motor to generate 1450 PSI water pressure. The pump serves 1.45 GPM water flow for a smooth cleaning.

There are two different nozzles; one of them is 0-degree that provides pencil point spray. The machine’s Total Stop System (TSS) features the device to stop if you are not using it.

There is a 20-foot high-pressure hose that easily connects to the spray wand and the pump. The 35-foot power cord has the facility of GFCI protection for your safety.

The device is CSA approved, so you don’t have to worry about its quality. A trigger safety lock provides extra safety, and there is an on/off switch.

For home use, this machine can be your best solution when it comes to cleaning. The well-known company bears the security of the device’s performance. You can buy this product and be benefitted.

9. AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

At present days people are more prone to electric pressure washers. This pressure washer is one of the best power washers among many electric power washers. This machine provides you 2000 PSI water pressure by the 15 Amp motor.

The tri-axial pump provides 1.4 gallons per minute that help you with your tough cleaning. The pro-style spray gun has zinc steel lance for quickly attach the nozzles. The nozzles that you will get are 0, 20, soap, and rotary nozzles for your various cleaning applications.

There is a GFCI safety with the 35-foot high-pressure hose for your safety. The 30-foot high-pressure hose easily connects to the rear of the spray gun and the pump.

There is a large 48 oz. Detergent tank so that you don’t have to carry a bucket filled with detergent. It has a TSS (Total Stop System) feature to shut off the motor automatically for its longer life.

10. Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher K3 Follow Me

One of the cutest and the only four-wheeled pressure washer available in the market. It always follows you wherever you go with its four wheels. This small device has a powerful motor that generates 1800 PSI water pressure.

The pump provides 1.3 gallons per minute of water flow that is good for convenient cleaning. This machine has a dirt blaster spray wand that generates 50% more water pressure.

The N-Cor pump is durable and non-corrosive. For fast and easy connect the high-pressure hose, it has a simple push and clicks system. People like this product for its high power and convenient maneuverable design. The price is also very less that comes within your budget.

There is an onboard detergent tank that you can remove if you want. We recommend this product because it has power, and it is perfect for your residential use.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

Each and every pressure washer is either run by gas or by electricity. There are some differences between the two types considering their power, weight, and other features.

A gas run pressure washer is comparatively more powerful than the other type. It is a little expensive than an electric pressure washer though its durability is higher.

electric vs gas pressure washer

It makes more noise, and it takes much effort to maintain and keep the device clean. Gas pressure washers are heavier, they produce fume, and they are bigger in size.

On the other hand, an electric pressure washer is relatively less powerful, and it is light. You can keep it inside your house as it doesn’t create fume and makes less noise.

This kind of pressure washer is cheaper and smaller in size. It doesn’t take much effort to maintain and clean the device. In some cases, electric pressure washers are less durable than gas pressure washers.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you to decide which one is most suitable for your required needs.

Pressure Washer Benefits

The invention of pressure washer has brought a revolution in cleaning jobs, making it easy and safe. In many ways, it benefits you, such as it gives you a quick clean, and it is cost-effective.

Pressure washing is eco-friendly that doesn’t harm the other environmental elements.

When you plan to sell your house, pressure washing can add an additional amount to its previous value. To keep your family safe and healthy, you need to clean all the bacteria and other dirt from your house.

benefits of rowing machine

An excellent periodic pressure wash minimizes the maintenance cost that you can spend on another purpose.

In pressure washing, the machine puts all the effort so that you have to use less physical effort. It is a very convenient way of a quick wash that saves your valuable time. You want to get rid off of your old painting and put the new one?

No problem, a pressure washer will remove the old painting from your deck, siding, etc. You don’t need to go anywhere else to clean your car, RV, motorcycle, or boat. The device will perfectly clean all the dirt and mud from any kind of surface.

There are numerous advantages of using a pressure washer. The device uses the water force for cleaning, and it helps you to clean hard-to-reach areas. The machine will change the look of your house and your living style.

Types of Pressure Washers

We can divide the pressure washer in many ways. Based on the power supply, there are four types of pressure washers, This Includes:

Petrol Drive

A petrol-run pressure washer is less expensive than a diesel-run pressure washer. It uses petrol as fuel and produces less noise and less power. The weight of this type of machine is not much.

Diesel Drive

A diesel-run power washer is almost similar to a petrol-run machine. The differences between these two are diesel-run power washers are more expensive, produce more power, and a little noisy.

Single Phase

Single-phase pressure washer is lightweight, and it uses the regular 240V power supply that we use at home. It doesn’t produce as much pressure as gasoline pressure washers and doesn’t last for many years. These machines are not very expensive.

Three Phase

Three-phase power washer provides as much power as a diesel/patrol-run pressure washer. This kind of pressure washer is a little expensive, and it lasts for a longer period of time. In order to use this machine, we need a phase converter and different types of wire and plug.

Based on the state of water, there are two types of pressure washer. The first type uses the cold water, and maximum pressures are of this type. The other kinds of machines use hot water and supply it with immense force. These pressure washers are more useful in cleaning the oily dirt, such as oil, grease, etc.

Pressure Washer Brands

There are many companies that make pressure washers, but only a few of them have earned a good reputation. The pressure washer has become essential in most of the families as it does tough cleaning very easy.

People of today don’t have much time to use the other means of cleaning; they are expensive too. They want to clean their stuff by themselves and use their free time.

best pressure washer brands

Because of this reason the many Companies are making power washers and doing their business. But not all of them are experts in making a good quality product.

There are only a few who have been making doing research to develop the quality of this machine. They know the people’s requirements very well and make their product helps its users. They try to save energy, which is a national asset. The manufacturer also try to make their price-less so that it reaches the maximum number of users.

When you go to the market, you should first do some research about the manufacturer whose product you are going to buy. You should see for how many years they have been making power washers. Though it is not necessary that the new manufacturers cannot make good products. But if you choose a reputed company, then you have a good chance of staying on the safe side.

If a manufacturer has a good reputation, it is obvious that most of the users will be satisfied with their products. After doing intensive research, we have found some outstanding manufacturers who make really good products. Some of them are as follows:

You can rely on the above manufacturers for their good reputation in making the best pressure washers.

Things Before Choosing a Best Power Washer

It is the user’s requirements that make him decide which pressure washer is best for him. If you are an expert in the power washer and have good knowledge, then it is not a problem for you. But if you don’t have good knowledge, then you should consider some certain matters.

These specifications will help you decide which pressure washer is best suitable for you. Here, we are trying to give you some ideas about those specifications and features. We don’t want you to regret after buying a pressure washer.

At first, you must decide your purpose, whether you want to use it for residential purposes or commercial. After deciding that you should consider the followings:

Pressure Bar

The power of a pressure washer is measured in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). By this measure, you will get to know that how much pressure of water you will get. The average electric pressure washers’ PSI is around 1500 PSI to 2000 PSI. They have comparatively less power than gas pressure washers. The average powers of gas-run pressure washers are around 2500 PSI. This pressure bar decides how high the water can reach a building.

Water Flow

By this measurement, we get to know how much water it is going to provide in a minute. This is measured in GPM (Gallon Per Minute). In most of the pressure washers, the GPM is synchronized with the PSI or water pressure. If the GPM is high, it means you will get a good supply of water that is necessary for a good cleaning. Low GPM means the water flow is not sufficient to do the tough cleanings. The average measurement of an electric pressure washer is around 1.5, and for gas pressure washers it is 2.0 or more.

Detergent Input

Not all the power washers provide a detergent tank with the machine. If you have a detergent tank, it is good for you as you can easily carry the detergent in it. You can use the pressure washer soap or detergent in two ways that are before (upstream) and after (downstream) the pump. Only some devices allow the detergents to go through the pump. The downstream soap injectors need a soap nozzle.

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The most important part of the device is its motor that generates the water pressure. Good quality motors produce more power and make less noise. You should see the brands of the motor that the device is using. The durability of the motor also makes a big difference because you are investing your money. In general, the electric motors generate less noise than the gas run motors. The gas run pressure washers create fume that the others don’t.

Why Should You Buy a Pressure Washer

There are many benefits you will get out of a pressure washer that the other things can’t provide you. The other options you have if you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use either your line of water with a garden hose or you can hire machines and experts.

With the first one, the cleaning will be feeble, and the second one will be costly. Here we raised some advantages:

Speed Clean

Cleaning with a pressure washer is fast and furious. The water comes out with immense force and cleans the dirt. The normal line water with a garden hose cannot provide you the force.

Save Money

It saves a lot of your money. If you plan to hire an expert for cleaning, it will cost you a big amount, and they will clean only for one time. Your pressure washer will cost you only one time and will serve you for years.

Tough Cleaning

Most of the tough dirt will not go away with your normal garden hose. You will have to use a brush in order to clean this kind of dirt. But the pressure washer can do this job very easily.

Increases the Value

It is observed that pressure washed home adds more value than a home that is normally cleaned. So if you plan to sell your house pressure washer will get you more money.

Repair and Maintenance

If you don’t keep your house or other things clean, then they will decay. Afterward, it will cost you a lot to repair them. Power washer gives you relief from this tension.

Things to Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer

We hope that this buying guide will help you better understand a pressure washer. The pressure washer uses less water than a normal garden hose and cleans better.

The Basics of Pressure Washer

A power washer has few basic things such as a motor, a pump, an input hose, and an output hose. The output hose attaches to a spray gun through which the pressurized water comes out.

A pressure washer takes the water directly from your water line or a water tank through an input hose. The water directly goes to the pump of the device, where the motor creates high pressure.

When the motor creates the pressure, the water tries to go out through the spray gun. We use this powerful spray of water to clean the stains. We use a residential pressure washer to clean the outside of our house. You can also clean our car, RV, motorcycle, patio, boat, driveway, fence, and many more stuff.

The Measurements

There are a few units of measurements that we use to measure the power of the device. Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and Gallon Per Minute (GPM) are two main measurement units.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

By this unit, we measure how much is the water pressure that the engine of the device creates. If you have more PSI, it means the motor creates high water pressure.

If you have less PSI, that shows the motor creates less water pressure. The PSI of most of the electric power washer ranges between 1500 PSI to 2500 PSI. Most of the gas run pressure washer generates between 2000 PSI to 3000 PSI.

Gallon Per Minute

This is the measurement unit of water supply that goes to the pump and comes out through the spray gun. The more water you will give to the pump, the more you will get a good cleaning.

If you have less water supply, then it will be difficult to do the tough cleanings. In general, the electric pressure washers provide around 1.5 GPM, and the gas pressure washers provide around 2.2 GPM.

Categories of Pressure Washer

The Companies divide the pressure washers based on their uses and their power supply.

Commercial Pressure Washer

This kind of pressure washer we use in our factories and offices where the dirt is tougher. To clean the tough stains, it requires an immense power or force. That is why the commercial pressure washers generate way more pressure than a residential pressure washer.

3000 PSI water pressure is considered the minimum for a commercial pressure washer. These kinds of pressure washers are much more expensive than residential pressure washers.

Residential Pressure Washer

This kind of pressure washer we use in our homes to clean our house, patio, driveway, vehicles, etc. This kind of pressure washers generates less water force compared to a commercial pressure washer.

The residential power washers start at 1000 PSI and end at 3000 PSI. Though 3000 PSI is the limit, still some residential gas run pressure washers have power more than 3000 PSI. This kind of pressure washer is less expensive compared to the commercial pressure washer.

Electric Pressure Washer

Some pressure washers use electricity to run the engine, and they are called electric pressure washer. This kind of pressure washer is less expensive than a gas run pressure washer. They don’t create fume and creates less noise. They have a power cord that connects to the electric point.

Gas Pressure Washer

This type of pressure washer uses fuel to run the engine. Generally, they are a bit noisy and creates fume. The Gas pressure washer is more powerful and more expensive compared to an electric pressure washer. You cannot keep it inside your house as it will fill the house with fume, which is annoying.

Different Types of Nozzles

Presently most of the pressure washer manufacturers provide different nozzle tips with the product. These nozzle tips you can attach to the top of the spray gun or spray wand.

Different nozzle tips provide different water flow to clean various types of surfaces.

best pressure washer nozzles


This nozzle gives you water flow like a pencil point. This water flow reaches to the corners where normal water flow cannot create pressure. You can clean the hard to reach areas of concrete, brick, masonry, etc.


This nozzle tip flows the water a little wide. You can use this nozzle tip to clean sidings, gutters, house, patio, etc.


This nozzle tip creates water flow a little wider than a 15-degree nozzle tip. You can use this nozzle to clean your house, fencing, siding, etc.


This nozzle tip provides wider water flow than the 25-degree nozzle. This nozzle cleans your fencing, deck, patio, etc. very nicely.


This is the widest nozzle tip you can get with a device that serves pretty wide water flow. You can carefully clean your driveway, patio, car, etc. with this nozzle.

Soap Applicator Nozzle

With this nozzle tip, you can apply soap or detergent to the surface. This nozzle provides very less water pressure.


When you buy a device, it helps you maintain your work. In the same way, you also have to maintain the device so that it gives you service for a long period of time. You should put good quality fuel if it is a gas run pressure washer. You can remove the oil from its tank if you are not going to use it for a long time.

Time to time, you have to wipe the dust that falls over the machine. While using the pressure washer, you should put the proper supply of water so that the pump works properly. You have to keep the device in your garage where it doesn’t come in contact with water or sunlight. The detail information you will get in the user manual that you will get with your purchase.


People have advanced with technology, and it is a wise decision to go with the flow. To find the best pressure washer, it is a long and tiresome process if you go to the market and start searching. Before you make your purchase, you should have proper knowledge about the product.

The motto of the Pressurewasherclub Team is to give you proper knowledge and idea about various pressure washers. After taking the necessary knowledge, you can choose the best device that suits your needs. On our website, we tried to be precise about the pressure washer reviews and guidelines. Our information is to the point that you need to know to get the best pressure washing machine.

If you have any type of queries that you want to ask or add any comment, please feel free to do in the comment section below, and Pressurewasherclub Team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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