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Can You Use Air Hose for Pressure Washer (Follow 4 Steps)

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

You can use your air hose to make a pressure washer and clean your stuff easily and comfortably. Though it might not provide as much power as a pressure washer, you can get your work done.

Can You Use Air Hose for Pressure Washer?

The answer is yes. You need to connect to a garden hose and to the air hose of an air compressor by using a pressure washer attachment. It’ll function just like a pressure washer hose, but you have to make it in a proper way.

You can easily clean most of your stuff comfortably where you had to put a lot of effort earlier. Let’s look at the method of using an air hose for the pressure washer.

Things that You Need in the Process:

The first thing you need is an air compressor machine that can easily provide 40 to 50 PSI air pressure. You will need a spray gun with two inlet capacity, a garden hose that can be connected to the spray gun, a faucet outside your house so that you don’t have to get water from inside the house, which might not provide enough water supply.

air hose for pressure washer

How to Use Air Hose for Pressure Washer

1. First, you have to switch on the air compressor machine and check its pressure which should be more than 30 PSI. Less than 30 will not be enough to get proper water flow, so check the gauge for appropriate pressure.

2. Next, you connect one end of your garden hose to the faucet outside the house and attach the other end to the spray gun. It would be best if you chose the lower inlet to connect the garden hose for better performance.

3. After that, connect the air hose to the other inlet of your spray gun and check if it has appropriate air pressure. The air hose should be connected to the upper inlet of your spray gun.

4. Now turn on the faucet and pull your spray gun’s trigger to check if the water is coming out properly. You will see the water is coming at a normal speed. To get high speed turn on your air compressor and pull the trigger.

Your setup is ready to work as a pressure washer and clean all the dirt from any surface you want.

If you want to apply soap with this machine, you have to put the solution on a bottle. Remove the garden hose from your faucet and connect it to the bottle. Turn on the compressor where the pressure should be around 10 PSI and start spraying.

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Using an air hose for a pressure washer is a cost-effective and easy way to get your cleaning work done. You have to accept the fact that you might not get as comfortable as you used to get while cleaning with your power washer. You have to be careful while dealing with an air compressor as it might hurt you badly.

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