What Size Surface Cleaner do I Need (Calculate with GPM)

what size surface cleaner do i need

It’s a common assumption among many consumers that bigger things are better, but it’s not always the case. In terms of surface cleaner, the size must match with the power of your machine. In general, PSI and GPM are both important in measuring the suitable surface cleaner for your machine. Unfortunately, many of the users …

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Will a Pressure Washer Work with Gravity Fed Water?

will a pressure washer work with gravity fed water

Newton’s law of gravity says that the earth attracts everything towards its center. Because of this gravitation pull, the water comes with speed when you turn on your faucet. We use this pressure to carry the water to different sources using a pipe. If you use a pressure washer, you should have a good idea …

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How much does Commercial Pressure Washing Cost?

how much does commercial pressure washing cost

Finding an option to clean an area is not a hallucination nowadays. With the grace of technology, we can find multiple solutions to clean an area from where we choose one. Pressure washing is one of the best options available to deal with tough dirt, stain, paint, etc. Along with different cleaning, options come different …

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How Many PSI is Considered a Commercial Pressure Washer?

how many psi is considered a commercial pressure washer

Choosing between a residential pressure washer and a commercial pressure washer sometimes becomes hard for a new user. The difference between these two types need to be understood before you go and make your purchase. Else you might end up buying a residential machine when you go to buy a commercial one. To be a …

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Do I Need a Pump between My Tank and Pressure Washer?

do i need a pump between my tank and pressure washer

Having a pump between a tank and a pressure washer is not always recommended unless it’s severely necessary, and it’s important to keep an extra reservoir close to the pump. It’s really important to know do I need a pump between my tank and pressure washer. Is it really necessary for uninterrupted work, or we …

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