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How to Clean Your Garage Floor with a Pressure Washer

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

A pressure washer is an exclusive invention that makes your cleaning work easy, swift and efficient. There are many things that you can clean with the help of this machine but it works best for any flat surface such as patio, driveway, walkway, floor, rooftop, etc. It makes your cleaning experience different.

how to clean your garage floor

Here we will provide a complete method of cleaning your garage. This is one of the most difficult things to clean. But, with the help of a pressure washer, you can easily turn this hard work easy and comfortable. There are few things that you need to follow when you go to wash your important garage.

How to Clean your Garage Floor

   To make your garage look clean and dirt free you can follow the procedure below.

Clear off your Furniture

There are different storerooms in a house but a garage is the best place to keep vehicle parts, oil or grease containers and many other important stuff. These stuffs are sticky and very hard to clean. At first, you need to take these containers and vehicle parts out of your garage. Keep track of all the furniture so that you can put them back to their previous places after you are done with your cleaning.

Take a Broom in Your Hand

For the best result, you need to sweep the entire place before you actually start the cleaning process. It might come to your mind that this is an unnecessary work since you are going to use a pressure washer. But your this little effort will reduce your main work. It will remove all the small objects, dust and prepare the place to wash properly.

Put Water Thoroughly

You need to put the water thoroughly in the entire area. Connect your pressure washer machine with the water supply and switch it on. 40-degree and 60-degree nozzle are best for just spraying water. They cover a wide area at a time which will reduce your extra effort and time. Each and every corner should be properly wet because you need to put detergent in them and in a wet place the detergent works best.

Put some Soap

You need to use your head in this process. For example, you definitely don’t run the clean part of your shirt. The dirtiest place gets the most soap and rubbing. Put some extra detergent in a place where there is oil stain, algae, hard dirt. Keep the detergent on the surface for some time and don’t let it dry out completely. The ideal time is 15 minutes but, depending on the weather, you can adjust the time.

Clean the Entire Place

Now is the time when the main cleaning will take place. At first, take your 0-degree nozzle and spray water on all the corner sides and between the tiles where normal spray water will not clean properly. After you cleaned all the corners, spray from left to right those places where you put the detergent the most. Do this work slowly and repeat so that the dirt is removed completely. This is the best way to clean garage floor.

After spraying in the corners, use the 15-degree nozzle. Following the same procedure, you have to spray water on the garage. Now you don’t need to concentrate on any specific area. You have to clean the entire garage thoroughly. Move the spray gun from left to right and vice versa. While spraying, don’t forget to hold your gun tightly so that it doesn’t slip from your hand and hurt anyone.

Re-arrange your Garage

Keep your garage like this for some time to dry the water. Now it’s time to place all furniture back to their places. You can also put your vehicles in the garage. You can also relocate them according to your need. Pressure washing machine proved itself to be the best garage floor cleaner.


You should never underestimate a pressure washer as it has the capacity to harm anyone. You must be careful while using the two most powerful nozzles, 0-degree and 15 degrees. Put on all the necessary personal protective equipment such as boot, gloves, goggle, ear protective, trouser, etc. Your children should be well away from the working area and you also should not allow them to play with a pressure washer. Store your machine in a dry and safe place.

You might be confused about which detergent should you use to clean your garage. It’s not that you have to use any specific detergent or soap. It will be wise to use the detergent that works best for oil and grease stain. We keep all the sticky and oily stuff in our garage as they are necessary for the vehicles. Dust and mud come with your car tires. You should use a machine that has enough power to remove the tough stain and dirt. So buy a powerful pressure washer.

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