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Homdox Pressure Washer Reviews of 2023 – Best Buying Guides!

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

With the Homdox Pressure Washer Reviews, you will get all the info you need to pick the best one for your pressure washer cleaning.

Homedox is an international brand that generally manufactures home products. They make electric pressure washers that are easy and comfortable to use. Better longevity with high-end performance is their products’ well-known feature. In making power washers, this company has a long history, and they are masters in their making machines.

Apart from pressure washers, Homdox’s products range from furniture, bedding, kitchen, bathroom supplies, and so on, which are exported to the countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, etc.

Its primary focus will be to provide better knowledge about Homdox power washers to those who have little or no idea about this machine. A list of product reviews and a buying guide are included for the readers to choose from multiple options. Contained details are taken from experts, consumers, and manufacturers and are authentic. A list of a few of their devices is provided below.

What are the Best Homdox Pressure Washers

Top 4 Homdox Pressure Washers Comparison:

Homdox 2500PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • PSI: 1700
  • GPM: 1.7 Gallons
  • Weight: 21.9 Pounds
  • Dimension: 13.58 x 22.83 x 14.96 inches
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Homdox 2500PSI Electric Pressure WasherHomdox 2500PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • PSI: 2500
  • GPM: 1.6 Gallons
  • Weight: 16.96 Pounds
  • Dimension: 19.29 x 11.42 x 11.02 inches
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Homdox 3490PSI Electric Pressure WasherHomdox 3490PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • PSI: 3500
  • GPM: 2.6 Gallons
  • Weight: 24.1 Pounds
  • Dimension: 23 x 14.5 x 14 inches
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Homdox 2950 PSI Pressure WasherHomdox 2950 PSI Pressure Washer

  • PSI: 2950
  • GPM: 1.7 Gallons
  • Weight: 21.1 Pounds
  • Dimension: 28.7 x 13.8 x 13 inches
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Homdox 1.7GPM Electric High Pressure WasherHomdox 1.7GPM Electric High Pressure Washer

  • PSI: 2950
  • GPM: 1.7 Gallons
  • Weight: 19.84 Pounds
  • Type: Corded Electric
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Best Homdox Pressure Washer Reviews – 2023 Top 4 Models Reviewed

Homdox 1300 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This is the first machine in the list that we will discuss for two reasons, no.1, with the flow rate of 1.7 gallons per minute, you will get what most pressure washers fail to deliver, and that is the powerful cleaning ability. No.2, this has to do with the no.1 feature, and that is, with this flow rate, many lesser-known pressure washers aren’t able to sustain their operational capabilities, owing to their wear and tear. But this homdox pressure washer is different; it’s easy to assemble and has a safety lock switch to strengthen the overall pump’s functioning.

Let us take a look at its features:


  • This Homdox pressure washer will generate 1300 PSI water pressure with a 1.7 GPM flow.
  • Its TSS (Total Stop System) technology is designed to prevent the pump from working when its trigger isn’t engaged.
  • The improved GFCI-protected power cord of this device automatically cuts off the power supply when electricity begins leaking, hence providing safety
  • There are four interchangeable quick-connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40, and soap) for various cleaning tasks and purposes.
  • This item has a weight of 21.9 pounds and a dimension of 13.58 x 22.83 x 14.96 inches.


  • Requires lesser maintenance than a gas pressure washer.
  • The smooth design of the wheels prevents the pressure washer from falling over.
  • The ergonomic handle feels light to the grip and can be used to carry the machine conveniently.
  • The 20-ft high hose can be wound around the wheel pretty quickly.
  • Safety and security: It’s a highly reliable device due to its advanced safety features like a GFCI-protected power cord and safety lock of the spray gun.
  • The soap bottle does all the mixing, so you don’t have to.


  • Comes without a hose reel. Some users might find that inconvenient.
  • It only comes in a single color.

Homdox 2500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This Homdox 2500 PSI electric pressure washer has a high water pressure with a fine water supply, which is ideal for residential use. To clean the dirt, mold, mud, grease, or stain from any surface of your home, it will be perfect. The machine is small and light in weight, and it takes pretty less effort to carry around. Let’s look at its features to know better about it.


  • The machine will generate 2500 PSI water pressure with 1.6 GPM flow.
  • It is featured with the latest TSS (Total Stop System) technology.
  • The device comes with 20 feet GFCI-protected power cord.
  • Like the previous model, there are four interchangeable quick-connect nozzles for different cleaning tasks (0, 15, 25, 40, and soap).
  • It has a weight of 16.96 pounds and dimension of 19.29 x 11.42 x 11.02 inches.


  • To clean your garden, patio, garage, fence, car, etc., it will be an ideal device.
  • For its TSS system, it automatically stops when you are not using it, saving energy.
  • You can easily connect whichever nozzle you want for your various works.
  • The machine is relatively light in weight and convenient to use.
  • Its spray gun is comfortable and convenient to use.


  • In a few cases, the machine didn’t start on the first attempt; it needed multiple tries.
  • For heavy-duty cleaning, this machine might not be appropriate.

One of the cheapest tools with good quality and service that is available in the market. If you have a low budget and want a better device, you can easily go for this one. It will be one of the wise decisions that you are going to make.

Homdox 3490PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This machine in the list has higher power that will easily clean your house, patio, sidings, garage, large vehicle or boat, etc. The water force you will get can even be used to remove your old paint from wall or wood. It runs on electricity and includes all the technologies that are available in the latest machines. You need to check all its facilities to select your required machine.


  • 3500 PSI water force and 2.6 GPM water flow are its capacities.
  • The machine has the latest TSS (Total Stop System) technology.
  • You will get four nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, 40 and soap applicator).
  • It has 33 feet long power cord with GFCI facility to protect you in wet ground.
  • 24.1 pounds is its weight and 23 x 14.5 x 14 inches is the dimension.


  • The machine is powerful enough even to remove your old paint.
  • You are getting 4 different nozzles that can be connected easily.
  • Its power cord is GFCI protected, so you have less risk in wet ground.
  • It automatically shuts down when you are not using, which saves you energy.
  • Two pneumatic wheels make easy its movement.


  • Some users say that its hose is not flexible enough to fit in its storage.
  • To use it for your factory, it might disappoint you.

Considering its many positive and few negative sides you can keep it in your choice list. Its price will definitely remain within your budget, and you will get a good machine with all the latest facilities.

Homdox 2950 PSI Pressure Washer

Close to a commercial pressure washer is Homdox 2950PSI that are now available in the market. Such power will be able to handle all your heavy-duty cleaning tasks without any difficulty easily. To clean the old paint, remove a pile of dirt or clean any tough grease it will serve you just fine. Have a look at its features to choose it for your work.

Homdox Pressure Washer 2950 PSI


  • The machine generates 2950 PSI force along with 1.7 GPM water flow.
  • It has a 1800W branded electric motor that is smart and durable.
  • It includes the latest Total Stop System (TSS) technology for its betterment.
  • You will get 5 different nozzles, 0, 15, 25, 40-degree, and soap applicator and a 20 feet hose.
  • 28.7 x 13.8 x 13 inches is the dimension.


  • It will provide you with very high power to get your work done easily.
  • All the latest technology is included in the machine.
  • Changing nozzles is quite easy and time-saving.
  • The machine is pretty light in weight and convenient to move around.
  • You will get 2 years of manufacturing warranty.


  • The user manual provided with the machine is a little difficult to understand.
  • You must be careful while handling it as many got hurt because of their negligence.

The device has a pretty high power that will help you with cleaning your home and office. For its size, weight and compactness you can easily take it to different places. You can choose this pressure washer for your cleaning.

Homdox 1.7GPM Electric High Pressure Washer

This is a standard pressure washer, manufactured by Homdox, which is the most sold product of the company. If you want to do your medium level cleaning, this can be your best option as it will help you in cleaning your house, patio, fence, roof, garage, car, boat and many others. The best part is it runs on electricity which is easily available everywhere. To make up your mind, you must see its excellent features and facilities.


  • Maximum 2850 PSI water force at the rate of 1.7 GPM flow is generated by this device.
  • It provides a handheld detergent spray bottle to make your applying detergent easy.
  • There are 5 nozzle tips that you will get, which includes 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap.
  • The machine is featured with Total Stop System (TSS) for saving your electricity.
  • This light-weight machine weighs 19.84 pounds.


  • You will get enough water force to complete all your cleaning works comfortably.
  • It is quite light in weight, so you don’t have to put much effort to move it around.
  • Its latest technology will prolong your pump life by stopping the engine while in idle.
  • The spray gun you will get is quite sporty and easy to handle.
  • You are getting a soap applicator bottle, so you don’t have to buy another one.


  • Some users faced the problem of leaking the machine from its pump and hose. You must check it while receiving.
  • The machine stopped in few cases, and the user had to call the company for repairing.

To use for your home and office, you can choose this machine as it has power, maneuverability and comfort. It is so light that you can easily pull it up and walk. If you happen to select this machine, you are welcome to share your valuable experience.

Buying Guide of Homdox Pressure Washer

If you are new to the pressure washer and want to buy one this buying guide is for you. Here you will get all the knowledge that you need to know before you make your purchase. Before you buy a pressure washing machine, the following things you need to consider.

Count your work

Counting doesn’t mean counting the number of works literally. It means to see what type of cleaning you will do with your machine. For cleaning regular dust and dirt, a low-powered device will be sufficient. If you have tough dirt, stain, grease, or mud to clean, you must go for a stricter machine with higher PSI.


These are nothing but the measurement units of your machines power. PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch that shows what pressure the machine will generate. GPM stands for Gallon Per Minute and it shows at what rate the water will flow through your spray gun.

Know your Manufacturer

A good manufacturer always makes better and quality machines. They have excellent technicians who are experts in their work, and they know the latest technology along with the customer need. So if you are confused you must research the company and their reputation to select your device.

Select One

In doing and extensive research without selecting one pressure washer all your effort will be useless. You must trust one brand and choose one of their models. When you have chosen your desired machine, put your faith in it. If you keep on having doubt in your selection it will affect your cleaning performance.

Make the Purchase

Finally when you selected one model you place your order. If Amazon is selling the same product you can order online and get it by home delivery. Else, you can go to a shop and purchase your device and pay the money.

Receive the Delivery

No matter where you buy your equipment from, you must check the machine carefully. Don’t forget to take your receipt, warranty card and user manual. Most importantly, if possible, run the machine and see everything is working properly. A defective pressure washer will give you trouble rather than help in your work.


Making a decision is not easy when you don’t have any knowledge, and you see some negative sides of a machine. But I must tell you that the negative sides are faced by some of the users who are normal in case of a machine. If you are really into getting a pressure washer home, you must focus on its bright sides. You must look at all the facilities the device will provide and whether they are enough to complete your cleaning task. You will definitely gain if you choose one of the machines that are listed above. They are used all over the world and are appreciated by their customers.

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