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How Many PSI is Considered a Commercial Pressure Washer?

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Choosing between a residential pressure washer and a commercial pressure washer sometimes becomes hard for a new user. The difference between these two types need to be understood before you go and make your purchase. Else you might end up buying a residential machine when you go to buy a commercial one. To be a commercial power washer, a device needs to have certain characteristics; for example, it needs to have high PSI, high GPM, durability, etc. The question might come to your mind that how many PSI is considered a commercial pressure washer.

Generally, 3000 PSI and above machines are considered commercial pressure washers, but to do your works properly, you should have a machine with 4000 PSI and above along with more than 4 GPM. Anything less might not give you a commercial performance against heavy-duty dirt.

how many psi is considered a commercial pressure washer

What is a commercial-grade pressure washer?

Commercial machine in case of cleaning refers to those devices that have the capacity to be used in office, factory, market, etc. and clean the tough dirt easily. Therefore, they need to have those capacities that are necessary to clean the above-mentioned filth.

A commercial place is widely used by the general people or in a factory many things are produced. These processes make the area dirty quite often, and the nature of this dirt is very strong.

Therefore, a commercial machine needs to have the quality to clean grease, mold, oil, paint, a large amount of mud, etc.

What is the PSI for a commercial pressure washer uses

PSI stands for pounds per square inch that actually shows how much pressure a machine can generate. 4000 PSI means in the one-inch area; the machine can apply a pressure of 4000 pounds.

This measurement is very important in the case of commercial cleanings. It’s a general concept that the dirt in a residential area is comparatively weaker than a commercial place though things might be different. To clean that tough dirt and filth, you need to have a pressure washer with much power.

If you have a residential machine, for example, a machine with less than 3000 PSI power, you cannot clean the strong stains easily. You might have to spend hours and repeat multiple times to make any small area dirt-free.

Oil and grease are very tough-to-clean dirt that needs much force to be removed. You might need to remove your old paint with a pressure washer.

How many PSI is considered a commercial pressure washers

We often consider a pressure washer having 3000 PSI as a commercial one which is right. But if you need your factory to be cleaned, you might have to depend on higher PSI.

Most of the tough cleanings can be done without hassle with a machine having a power of 5000 PSI and a water flow of 6 GPM. You must go for the machines that will do your entire cleaning, not a part of it. Depending on the nature and type of your cleaning, you should choose a machine with around 4000 PSI to avoid regretting it later.

If you go to a large factory, you will find that they use much stronger pressure washers. The nature of the place, dirt, and size of the area actually decides what PSI machine will be appropriate.

You will find some pressure washer that uses hot water to clean any dirt easily though their numbers are very few and high maintenance costs. But these machines are more effective in cleaning any tough dirt such as grease, oil stain, mold, algae, mud, etc.

A commercial machine doesn’t necessarily have to use only for commercial purposes. You can also use them to clean your residential dirt and filth. You just have to connect the nozzles and follow some other methods. So, a commercial pressure washer helps to do any kind of cleaning.


Commercial pressure washers are more expensive since they have more power and energy. You might have to reconsider your budget if you want to own a commercial machine.

For using a commercial cleaning purpose, gas-powered pressure washers are the best. They can produce much higher pressure than electric devices. In addition, gas power washers are stronger and durable since strong metal is used to make them.

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