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How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer – (Buying Guide 2022)

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Every profession demands precision in its results. No matter to which profession you belong, you need to perform extraordinary to be the apple of the eyes of your customers as well as your bosses. Same goes for the industry where you need to work on a workstation and show your skills to your valued clients as well as the bosses.

The most important equipment that might help to polish your skill in the industry is the pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a must have equipment on your side if you need to inherent success and fame with your work. It can ease your work and gives you the opportunity to complete your work with less of manual efforts and offers you a precise work.

how to choose a pressure washer

Owning a pressure washer is justified to add excellence to your work but many of the workers may fail to choose the best pressure washer that can help them to carry out their work with utter perfection.

In the market, there are a variety of pressure washers that are available and all are compatible for use. But there are several regulations and specifications that should be considered to make your purchase worth and successful.

This write- up will work as a brief guide that will help you to choose a perfect pressure washer that suits your requirements and the nature of work.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

This should be your first choice to select either a gas pressure washer or an electric pressure washer. However, both the gas powered and electric powered pressure washers are effectively used to carry out your work but before going ahead, you should consider a few of the points that can be helpful for you in future.

In case of electric powered pressure washers, the place to use them cannot be changed. But they hold a positive benefit of being quieter and require very little maintenance. This characteristic of their, make them a perfect fit if you are looking for a stationary application.

On the other hand, gas washer gives you a high flexibility to shift the place wherever required. In case of high power requirement, you can also increase the power of gas powered pressure washer by using an extra gas cylinder.

If you think of strength, in general, a gas powered machine is comparatively powerful than an electric one. Gas-powered machines are a little louder but, they are perfect for working away from your home where there is limited electric supply.

Henceforth, depending upon your requirement, you can easily choose a perfect one between gas and electric powered pressure washer. Both have their own benefits and constraints that make it difficult to choose what to select from both.

However, if you know that you will be using the pressure washer to clean at a stationary place or need to go to flexible places, you can select the best suited from both.

Spare Parts

It is not only the machine that you are buying as there are other connected parts as well to consider. You might like a specific spray gun or your purchase might not provide the appropriate spray nozzles that you need.

You might decide to buy your desired spare parts besides your main purchase or choose another machine that fulfills your requirements.

Depending on water flow and power the spray nozzles are categorized into 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, 60-degree and soap applicator nozzle.

Some nozzles have rotating facilities that spins and sprays at the same time. To clean your floor these nozzles are very effective.

The spray wands are attached to your spray gun and make it longer.

It is advisable to buy an extra HP spray hose in terms of covering a wide area. You might feel exhausted carrying your machine over and over again.

Type of Duty

This is another important step that should be considered if you are looking to go for a perfect pressure washer.

In the industry, the work pattern is quite different for all and according to that, the selection of the washer should be done.

In cases of light- duty, a pressure washer that lies in between the power of 1300 to 2000 PSI with 2 GPM should be used.

It is suitable for lightly weighted jobs such as around homes. These pressure washers can be ideal to use for the cleaning of household furniture, small decks etc.

If the washer generates the power between 2000 to 2800 PSI at 2-3 GPM, these pressure washers are considered to be ideal for home and shop purpose.

Medium duty such as cleaning of exterior siding, fences cleaning is supposed to be done with the help of these pressure washers.

If the power of pressure washer exceeds and reaches in between 2900 to over 3000 PSI at 3-4 GPM. These are durable, gas- powered which are compatible to be used for large-scale jobs such as washing and cleaning of a big building, paint stripping etc. This sort of pressure washer is suitable for heavy duty works.

Semi-pro Washer

It bridges the gap that is present between the consumer and professional units. They are considered to be perfect device in case you need to use them to clean a place on a regular basis.

If you are new to the job and need to perform skilled work, this is a perfect buy for you. These are structured in a way that they can be fitted with a professional engine pump or a consumer engine pump.

Hence, it can serve the multipurpose. In a professional engine, the pressure washer has to be active for several hours until the work is in progress.

In contrast to a professional engine, consumer engine will work when required. Keeping all the factors in mind, it is found to be a preferred choice among the buyers.

Keeping all these discussed points in mind, one can select the best pressure washer that can make you a precise skilled worker.

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