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How to clean your House like a Professional – Cleaning Hacks

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Making a good impression on your friends is easier when you have a clean house. A house can be adequately cleaned where much effort is necessary if you don’t have much knowledge. Make a little effort to read the entire article, which will give you a better idea of how to clean your house like professional.

Here we discussed about house cleaning tips and tricks that will save you valuable time and effort. There is a shortlist of tools also that are best for making your cleaning work efficient. Our motto is to make you self sufficient in this busy world where everyone tries to complete his own task.

how to clean your house like a professional

How to Clean your House Like a Professional – Best Guides 2020

Important Cleaning Tools

Empty-handed cleaning is always not effective and tiresome. There are plenty of new inventions in the market to clean your house properly. You don’t need all of them for a specific purpose. If you intend to clean only your house, the following tools will be useful for you, a broomstick, dustpan, mop, towel, sponge, bucket, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, detergent, etc. These instruments will help you and will make your cleaning perfect and efficient.

Primary Work

At first, you must decide which part of your house you want to clean, any specific room or the entire house. To clean any particular room or area, you need to clear off the small furniture such as a chair, stool, small table, etc. Removing this furniture will make the cleaning easier and effective. To clean the entire house, you should take them to an open place from where it will be easier to put them back.

Clean the Walls first

When we don’t use a room or when we don’t touch a wall for a long time, spiders make webs on them. To clean this, you will need a broom with a long stick to reach all the corners. Slowly, move your broom from one side to another. Now clean the existing furniture with a soft cloth, or you can actually use a vacuum cleaner. Each and every corner of your room should be properly cleaned.

Clean the Floor

Now, it’s time to clean the floor, and you can use either a pressure washer or a vacuum cleaner. To use a pressure washer in an inside room, you have to be careful because it uses high-pressure washer water to clean, and the room needs passage to pass the water. For cleaning the rooms inside a house, a vacuum cleaner works the best as it sucks up the dust without using any water.

Clean Your Kitchen

In a kitchen, you will see that the utensils, if remained uncovered, get sticky because of the vapor that is created out of your cooking. The washable utensils need a good wash, and the others need proper dusting. To clean the floor of a kitchen, a pressure washer is effective as it can easily remove the oil and grease stain effectively. After your cleaning is done, put all the utensils back to their places. These are some effective tips to clean the kitchen.

Wash Your Washroom

A pressure washing machine will be good for this purpose as you can easily wash away all the dirt. First, clean the toilet pans properly using a cleaning solution and brush. Wash the mirrors with soft cloth or foam; you can also use some detergent for better cleaning. After then, rub all the dirt using a floor cleaning solution, or you can also make your work done by detergent powder. Wash them with clean water at last. To clean a washroom, you must be careful as it often remains slippery.

Clean Your Garage

It might take a little effort since a garage is the largest room in a house. Remove your vehicles and other furniture at the beginning and rinse the entire area with water. Put cleaning solution thoroughly so that the tough dirt and stain can be removed properly. Rub tough to clean areas with a brush and at last spray plenty of water so that it washes away all dirt, stain, and grease. To clean a garage, a pressure washer is the best tool. After completing the cleaning work, you can place your vehicle and other furniture back to their places.

Clean the Outings

Those who will not go inside your house will generate an impression about by seeing the outer part of your house. So you should not neglect or feel lazy about cleaning the outside of your house. Take a pressure washing machine and spray water all over through your house. Use the most powerful nozzle to reach to the higher places and for removing the hardened dirt. Clean your patio and the driveway as well. For these parts, you might choose not to use any detergent as they are bound to get dirty soon after your cleaning task.

Safety Equipment

Don’t you think that you need to put on some important personal protective equipment? Your cleaning task definitely involves some risk of getting fatigued. For example, you might fall down on the slippery ground, the dust might insert into your eyes, the cleaning machine you are using might fall down from your hand, etc. To get rid of these risks you must wear the proper safety equipment such as boot, goggles, gloves, trousers, etc.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above article will help clean your house. Nowadays there are plenty of instruments invented in order to clean your house. You can hire some professionals also if it becomes difficult for you to clean your house. But, we recommend you not to do so at the beginning. The cleaning workers will not take care of your house and furniture as you will do. Cleaning your house by yourself will also be cost-effective. Based on the type of your house and cleaning types, you should choose the tools carefully.

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