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How to Drain Gas from Pressure Washer – 8 Easy Steps in 2023!

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

We often need to drain gas from a pressure washer which can be very easy and fast if you have the proper knowledge to do it, and here we are to help you.

By using the siphon suction system, you can drain gas from the pressure washer quickly. The siphon system has two tubes that connect to the bulb and drain gas from the fuel tank. In another way, You can run your engine until the tank is empty. The best method is to drain gas with a hand siphon.

Why do we need to drain gas from a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a fantastic device that helps us clean our homes, offices, and vehicles so that we can lead a healthy and happy life. With all the machines that we use in our daily lives comes the responsibility to maintain them or take proper care of them. Draining fuel from a machine might be necessary for multiple reasons, for example, when you want to store your machine for a long time, by mistake, if you put diluted Oil and your machine started creating the problem, etc. When you have to repair your device, you might need to drain your gas from it.

Now the important thing is to drain fuel properly. Although it sounds pretty easy to drain fuel from a pressure washer, but the process requires some knowledge and expertise. It’s because draining fuel can sometimes cause some internal and external to your device.

Therefore, you must go through the entire article to gain all the necessary information and learn how to drain gas from a pressure washer.

What is the Easiest Way & How to Drain a Gas Tank?

The easiest way to drain fuel from a gas tank is by using a siphon. This is a suction device that sucks the fuel from one container and releases it to the other. For example, we might need to drain the Oil from our pressure washer for multiple purposes, and we need to keep the fuel for future use. Moving your fuel from a pressure washer to an empty container can be done in the following method.

  • At first, you have to place your pressure washing machine on a flat surface and ensure that it doesn’t move while you are working.
  • Then, before you start the main process, make sure you remove the spark plug connection to avoid any unwanted accidents.
  • Place an empty container where you want to keep your fuel near the machine and open its cap.
  • Now open the gas cap from the tank by twisting it anti-clockwise until it’s totally open. Keep both caps in a safe place.
  • Now put the solid side of your siphon pipe into the fuel tank and put the soft part inside the empty tank.
  • Hold the siphon in such a way that the bulb at the top is pointing upward.
  • Squeeze and release the bulb to transfer the fuel.
  • When you squeeze the bulb, it sucks the Oil from the gas tank, and when you release the siphon releases the fuel into the empty container.
how to drain gas from pressure washer

Keep on doing the process until your gas tank is empty and the container is full. Once you are done, put the caps back in their places and store your machine and the drained fuel in your garage.

What Oil should I use in My Pressure Washer?

Every pressure washer has distinguished features that decide what type of fuel should be used. For example, some pressure washers recommend the oil mixture, whereas others strictly prohibit them.

In some machines, you can use a mixture of gasoline and Oil. To clear your confusion, you must either go through its user manual or ask the seller about your machine’s nature.

What happens if you Put Mixed Gas in a Pressure Washer?

As mentioned earlier, you can use mixed gas if your machine allows; otherwise, it’ll harm your device.

Different gas has different types of particles, so if you mix them and use them in your gas pressure washer, its engine will might expose to various potential problems.

The possible problem you might face is carburetor clogs, moisture-related degradation, engine smoke, damage of any parts, etc.

In addition, sometimes mixing gas doesn’t allow the engine to start, and you might need to buy some components for your new machine. For these reasons, it’s always recommended not to use mixed fuel in a pressure washer.

By mistake, we often put a mixture of Oil in a pressure washer. If it happens and the machine creates a problem, you should remove the gas tank completely and put in some fresh and new gas.

Your concern should be solved immediately; if not, you must call a mechanic and repair it before you use it next time.


Naturally, the gas tank of a pressure washer empties when the fuel is consumed fully by the machine. If you need to drain gas from a pressure washer, using a siphon is the best option.

The process of emptying a gas tank by using a siphon is quite easy and convenient. However, a mixture of different types of gas might be really harmful to your pressure washer. So you must be careful next time while putting the gas mixture into your device.

Here is a table discussing key points from the article.

Your Questions Our Key Points
Why Drain Gas from a Pressure Washer? – To store the machine for a long time
– To fix a problem caused by diluted oil
– To repair the device
– To impress your neighbor by showing off your pressure washer knowledge
What is the Easiest Way to Drain Gas? – Use a siphon
– Remove the spark plug connection to avoid accidents
– Place the pressure washer on a flat surface
– Open the gas cap and place the siphon in fuel tank
– Squeeze the bulb to transfer fuel to empty container
– Store drained fuel and machine in the garage
– Do a victory dance to celebrate your newfound pressure washer expertise
What Oil Should I Use in My Pressure Washer? – Refer to the user manual or ask the seller
– Don’t mix gasoline and oil unless your machine allows it
– Don’t mix different types of gas to avoid potential problems
– Don’t panic if you accidentally use the wrong oil; just remove the gas tank and add fresh fuel
– Consider naming your pressure washer to strengthen the bond between man and machine
What Happens If You Put Mixed Gas in a Pressure Washer? – Potential problems include carburetor clogs, engine smoke, and damage to parts
– Might not allow the engine to start
– Could lead to a new machine shopping spree
– Don’t let this happen to you; avoid mixed fuel like the plague
Conclusion – Draining gas from a pressure washer using a siphon is easy and convenient
– Avoid potential problems by using the correct oil and not mixing different types of gas
– Remember to do a victory dance after successfully draining your gas
– You are now a pressure washer pro. Congratulations!

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