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How to Fix a Cracked Pressure Washer Pump – Follow 4 Steps!

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Do you to fix your cracked pressure washer pump? Here is the solution by following our 4 easy steps on how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump!

Fixing a cracked pressure washer pump has two options, one is to replace the pump with a new one, and the other is JB weld or blazing, which might not work in all cases.

Have you ever faced or seen a problem with a cracked pressure washer pump?

Pressure washer pump cracks are visible in many cases though it doesn’t happen often. Strong metal is used to make a pressure washer pump where immense water pressure is generated and supplied outside through a hose.

For this reason, the entire pump has to be solid and in good condition; even a fraction of the crack will lead to a bigger problem. The created pressure inside the pump will make the crack larger, and it can even blow the pump, causing a hazard. Whenever you find out a crack in your pump, you must stop using your machine and take proper action.

A crack in the pump can be the cause of multiple reasons, such as the frozen water sometimes creates a crack. Also, the pump might damage in case it hit something hard.

In many cases, we are unable to find out the reason behind this. Whatever is the case, we need to repair our pump before further use. Any power washer user must have a good idea about how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump.

Troubleshooting Cracked Pumps

Troubleshooting Cracked Pumps

Before we move any further, we need first to find out the crack in the pump. A few days ago, one of my neighbors came to me saying his pressure washer is leaking water.

I advised him to bring the machine over. After checking it carefully, I found a small crack underneath the pump from where the water was leaking. I advised him to repair it as soon as possible.

Whenever you face any kind of problem, such as leaking Oil or water, you must troubleshoot your machine thoroughly.

Check all its joints and under the pump carefully to find the exact problem. In the joints, sometimes it gets crack; sometimes right in the middle, it gets crack. You can give it a proper solution only when you are able to find the right problem.

What causes the pressure washer pump to crack

A pressure washer pump might get a crack for various possible reasons, such as frozen water. If water freezes inside a pump, it expands its size and puts high pressure on the metal walls of a pump. This pressure causes the pump a crack.

What causes the pressure washer pump to crack

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Also, sometimes we try to tighten the screws more than necessary which is another cause for a pump crack.

If you hit the machine or the pump with something hard, it might get a crack. It happens when we carry the device from one place to another.

When a machine becomes very old, its pump walls become thin and weak; it cannot tolerate the water pressure and gets a crack. Whatever is the case, at first, you have to find the exact location of the crack and take the necessary steps.

Can you fix a cracked pressure washer pump?

Two ways are available to fix a cracked pump, you can weld the cracked place, which might not give a good result all the time, or you can replace the entire pump. If you decide to weld the pump, you have to keep few things in mind.

A pressure washer pump generates immense pressure inside it, and the welding might not hold this pressure. A repaired pump, if welded properly, can hold up to 2000 PSI generally. Therefore, it’s not advisable to weld a cracked pump of a pressure washer higher than 2000 PSI. In that case, you will have to replace it.

Repairing a Cracked Pressure Washer Pump

Welding is the best option for repairing a cracked pressure washer pump. Using any kind of glue or gum will not be able to hold the pressure generated inside it, no matter how strong glue you use.

how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump

1. Clean the Surrounding

Before you weld, find out the crack’s exact location and measure its length. Now grind off any stand-out metal around the crack and clean it properly. Make sure the area is smooth, and there is no protruding metal remaining.

2. Burn the Gas

Light a brazing torch and adjust its gas and wait until you get the fine blue flame. You should know that a brazing torch needs adjustments before you use it every time. So don’t be impatient and start working until you get the hot blue flame.

3. Burn the Crack

Take a brass brazing rod and build the crack area up, and don’t touch it for a day. You need to give it some time for the material from the rod to pool up in the repaired area. If you hurry, your repair will not be strong and durable.

4. Finish it off

At this stage, you need to repair it cosmetically. Grind the part with a blending wheel and make it smooth so that it looks good and you are done. Don’t try to overdo it, which might cause you more damage than good.

Replacing an Old Pump

Repairing a cracked pump by welding is not 100% reliable as it might not be able to hold the extensive pressure. Therefore, the best option to get rid of a cracked pump is to replace it.

1. Get a Pump

At first, you have to buy a pump from the market, which might cost you 100 to 400 dollars depending on its type. Then, you must buy the same model pump; otherwise, it might not fit your machine.

Underneath your pump, you will find all the specifications of your pump. You should also check for the necessary parts; otherwise, you might end up buying the parts that you could have used for few more days.

2. Remove the Old Pump

Unscrew all its nuts and make sure you remember their locations; if possible, mark them with something. After the screws are open, slowly pull the pump out from the machine. Don’t use your force too much; else, you might end up breaking the other parts as well.

3. Put the New Pump

Now, put the new pump exactly the same way you took off the old one. Find the new screw set in the box of your new pump.

Don’t use the same old screw in your machine anymore. Tighten the screw delicately so that you don’t damage the pump. You are done replacing your old pump.


With a cracked pressure washer pump, you cannot continue your cleaning work. It has to be either repaired or replaced; otherwise, it might even blow your pump apart. Instead of waiting for that to happen, you should take the necessary steps. It’s quite easy and convenient to replace your old pump with a new one; you can do it at home.

For repairing the pump, you might have to go to the mechanic since it’s quite unlikely that you will have all the welding components.

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