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How to Keep Pressure Washer Hose from Kinking (No Kink, No Damage!)

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

One of my neighbors started using a pressure washer a few months ago who came to me with a problem of having a kink on his hose. This is a common problem faced by many of the power washer users. Although a pressure washer hose is made of strong materials that can tolerate high force, and they are said to be kink-resistant, we often face this kinking problem.

The main reason for this situation is our poor handling ability. We often cannot maintain a hose the way it should be maintained, and there are some faulty hoses as well. If your hose gets a kink, you have to understand that you are at high risk. Never try to cover a leak on a pressure washer hose with your hand, as it might cause a great injury. Now the question is how to keep the pressure washer hose from kinking. Many methods are used to resist a hose from kinking.

Proper usage and regular maintenance are the two main factors to resist a pressure washer hose from kinking. Keep the hose straight when you use it, and roll it in the proper place at the time of storage. Remember that a repaired hose cannot be trustworthy as it has to deal with very high water pressure.

how to keep pressure washer hose from kinking

Can you tape a pressure washer hose?

A pressure washer deals with very high-pressure water and has the capacity to cut flesh or penetrate through any soft, delicate surface. You will find plenty of videos available on the internet of experiments where they cut different vegetables and fruits with a pressure washing machine. If this concentrated spray hits your body, it might cut through your flesh; this can happen even with a regular residential pressure washer.

Taping, clogging, wrapping or using glue cannot hold the pressurized water in a high-pressure hose. Water pressure is distributed in the entire hose where so if there is a leak somewhere, water will come out through it with the same force. Soft tape might solve your problem instantly but not for long.

How do you wrap a pressure washer hose?

Wrapping a pressure washer hose is important because it affects the hose condition. If you cannot wrap the hose properly, it gets kink or cracks, which leads to your hose damage. We’ll discuss two ways to prepare your hose for storage.

Before you wrap it, make sure you drain all the remaining water from inside. To do so, you can make use of gravity. Lift one side of your hose high above the ground and slowly slide it. Residual water will drain from the hose automatically.

Now make the hose straight on the ground and put your foot after 2-3 feet on one side. Next coil it making a 40-50 cm diameter loop. Continue it until 2-3 feet remains of the hose. Wrap both the sides of the hose 2-3 times round the coil, and it’s ready to be stored.

The other method is by using a hose reel that has 40-50 cm diameter. First, drain all the residual water from the hose and make it straight on the ground. Next, connect one end to the hose reel and start coiling the hose on a single layer. Once you are done, you can store it for a long time.

How to keep pressure washer hose from kinking

A pressure washer hose is pretty rigid to handle and maintain, but it might be damaged if you don’t maintain it properly. So you have to remember two things: one is to use it properly, and the other is to store it appropriately.

When you use a hose, it often starts shaking because of the high water pressure. Unreel the entire hose from its reel and keep it as straight as possible. A tangled hose always tends to get kink and be damaged.

While using if your hose is vibrating too much, you must check all its connections and secure them properly and finally adjust the pressure by changing its nozzle. Make sure you don’t jerk the hose while moving from one place to the other.

The other way to keep your hose from kinking is by storing it properly. The main thing you have to remember is that water should not remain inside a hose, and the wrapping or reeling should be in the proper manner. Keep your pressure washer hose in a dry and safe place if you don’t want to use it for long.


Proper maintenance is the main key to use a device for a long time without any trouble. If you look after your machine and its components, it’ll definitely provide a good service. If somehow there is a kink on the hose, you should immediately make it straight. You should think of changing the entire hose in case of damage instead of repairing it since a repaired hose doesn’t last for long. You should not try to repair your damaged hose yourself and should see a mechanic.

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