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How to Power Wash a Concrete Driveway

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

When you have to take your vehicle through a muddy road or when it’s raining outside your driveway is bound to get mud, dirt, oil and grease. Being a tidy and smart person, you definitely do want to clean it, and most of the people find it quite difficult or cannot clean it properly. Today, we’ll discuss how to power wash your concrete driveway without creating much trouble. To do so, you first have to take out your best residential pressure washer out of your garage and check if it’s working perfectly. We tried to portray the easiest possible way to complete your task.

How to Power Wash Concrete Driveway – The Best Guides

how to power wash concrete driveway

Safety Measurement

Safety first, safety last and safety must is a common saying that should be followed by everyone working with hazardous machines. Before you start your work, wear all the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as anti-slip hand gloves, goggles, ear protective and proper boots, etc. Keep in mind that a pressure washer can turn out to be dangerous; so, don’t let your children or aged people walk around the area. It’s better to be safe than suffer.

how to clean concrete driveways

Sweep the Area

Before you start using your pressure washer, clean the large particles or furniture that is placed there. Don’t let any object to be on your cleaning way; otherwise, it will slow you down while cleaning. Put yours inside the garage and before doing that, don’t forget to clean its tires.

how to clean driveways

First Round: It might take two to three rounds to clean a driveway perfectly. Start the machine and connect the 15-degree nozzle to the spray gun since we have to face the tough dirt or mud. Start spraying water from one side to of your driveway and stop at the other end. During your spray, maintain a good distance between your gun and the surface. For cleaning the tough dirt take the gun as close as possible to the surface. In this way, the dirt will get hit by the maximum force and get removed easily. To clean the corners, your pencil point nozzle is perfect. If you see that the corners are not being appropriately cleaned with your 15-degree nozzle, then use the 0-degree nozzle. After you cleaned the entire driveway, your second round will start.

Second Round: In this round, you have to apply soap or detergent. Depending on how clean you want your driveway to be, you can follow this round or skip. Applying detergent will make your surface pretty clean, and it’ll also help to remove any grease or oil stain easily. If you have a detergent tank with your machine, fill it up with soap or use a bucket to do so. Connect your soap applicator nozzle and spray the detergent all over the area. If you don’t have a detergent spraying pressure washer, you can do it with a bucket or a mug. Find out the tough oil and grease stains and rub them with a brush. If you don’t want to spray detergent, you will directly start your third round.

Third Round: It’s time to do the final cleaning and let’s start. Connect the 25-degree nozzle and slowly spray on the surface, starting from one end to the other. You shouldn’t do it too fast as there is a good chance of missing some areas or getting hurt by your device. Maintain a close distance between the surface and your spray gun to get perfect cleaning. The best way to spray water is by moving your gun from the left side to the right and vice versa. You have to repeat this process until you cover the whole area. After you finish, you must take a look round the entire driveway so that you don’t miss anything.

Final Words

There are some important things while cleaning a driveway and you shouldn’t ignore them. You mustn’t start your work without wearing the important PPEs since you are dealing with a dangerous machine. Don’t let your children come to the cleaning area to avoid any kind of unwanted hazard. You might think if your existing pressure washer will be able to clean your driveway. I must tell you that any type of power washing machine can be used to do so. But, you will get the best result with your device that has a power of at least 1500 PSI.

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