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How to Pressure Wash a House Before Painting

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

We all know how to use a pressure washer as we have experience of cleaning our regular things often with this device. When we get stuck in cleaning a certain type, we take advice from the other users and get our work done. It’s true that not all the users have knowledge about heavy-duty washing such as removing paint from a surface or cleaning the tough grease from your garage. Our cleaning remains incomplete in this situation, and we don’t bother also. But think if you know how to pressure wash a house before painting your polishing of the home will be perfect and shiny. This article is basically based on the matters that you should maintain while cleaning your house with a power washer before you paint. You should also learn about that do you have to wash a house before painting and old paint off house? Let’s get into the main subject without further ado.

how to pressure wash a house before painting

Choosing a Pressure Washer

Some of us have multiple pressure washers for light-duty and heavy-duty cleaning. The matter is that which one to select for perfectly cleaning the house inside out. My suggestion is you take your heavy-duty cleaning machine with multiple spray nozzles, definitely not the commercial one. Around 2500 PSI machines will be ideal as you have to clean your garage, sidings, patio, etc. where the dirt is tougher than the normal surface. Having been able to use multiple nozzles or power control is also important since you have a different delicate surface to clean along with your tough ones. Gas pressure washers are comparatively better in this matter as they generate higher pressure and they can be taken to any place you want.

Clean before your Clean

Take all your furniture out of your house before you start the cleaning process. Though you mainly focus on painting your rooms, you cannot ignore the outer part. This is where the people will take a first look at. Remove all your notice-boards, boxes, unwanted plants that are hanging on the walls outside. After removing them use a broom to give the house, inside out, a rough cleaning so that all the small particles are not present while you use a pressure washer. This process is applicable only for the old house as the new home will not contain furniture and the other stuff in it.

do you have to wash a house before painting

Setup your Machine

Now is the time to set up your device and be prepared for the final cleaning. Though you all know how to set up your tools, I must mention it again for those who are totally new to a pressure washer. A power washing machine has few parts, and you need to join them to make it usable. First of all, connect your water inlet regular pipe, one side to the machine and the other side to your water supply faucet. Next connect the HP hose, one side to the pump and the other to your spray gun. Select your appropriate nozzle tip and connect it to the spray wand. Your machine is now ready to go; turn on the water supply faucet and start your machine.

Wash the House

Put 15-degree or 25-degree nozzle to the spray wand to clean the inner part of your house. Starting from one room clean all the rooms serially. You must have enough space for the water to let out else it will be trapped inside, making you clean the water. As soon as your inner walls and floor are clean, come outside the house and prepare for the final battle. Connect the 0-degree nozzle first and clean all the corners and the upper parts. This nozzle provides the maximum force and easily reaches the 2nd or 3rd floor, cleaning them easily. Start from the topside and slowly come downward as the gravity will bring the dirt down and you don’t have to clean twice. Use your 15-degree nozzle and wash the garage thoroughly.

how to pressure wash a house before painting

Removing Old Paint

Often, we need to remove our old paint to apply the new one. Your high PSI pressure washer can help you remove the old paint instead of rubbing with hand and brush. 3000 or higher PSI machines are perfect for removing the old paint from the walls and wood. You will need the 0-degree pencil jet nozzle in this purpose. Hold your spray gun tight and maintain a distance of around 1 feet and start spraying. Starting from one side slowly move your spray to the other and follow this process over and over again. The corners might need more pressure, and you might have to take the gun as close as possible for a better result. You must be careful that the pressurized water is not destroying the surface as its high pressure has the capacity to harm your wall.

Safety Measurement

Whenever you use a power washing machine, you must put on your personal protective equipment. Don’t let your children play around in your working area and with the machine. Unintentionally the device might end up hurting them. Wearing goggles, anti-slip boot, trousers, gloves with proper grip is necessary because you are dealing with a dangerous machine. Your grip over the spray gun should be firm while doing the cleaning. When you are not using the tool, switch it off to prevent the possible accidents. Don’t keep all its parts connect when you store it after using as it will reduce its performance. So remove its components and store them in their proper space.

This article is an effort to provide an idea about cleaning your house in a systematic manner. It’s not necessary that following this process will always be the best way to clean your particular house. The motive is to give you an overview of how you should clean before you paint. Cleaning your house multiple times will provide you with more ideas than you learn at the beginning. We will be delighted to have your valuable suggestions and comments. Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

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