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How to Pressure Wash Your Car – Safe & Simple Guide!

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

A pressure washer is a modern invention that can wash many of your things such as houses, cars, fences, patios, garage, floor, boat, and many other things. Nowadays, most of the carwash shops use a pressure washer, either big or small. Washing your car at home with a pressure washer can be a blessing rather than washing with hand and bucket. To clean your car, you don’t have to buy any heavyweight pressure washer; the regular residential machine will do just fine. The question of how to pressure wash a car is well answered here. Follow the procedures below for a better result.

How to Wash a Car With a Pressure Washer – Simple Tips!

how to pressure wash a car

Choose the Right Place

In most of our garages we don’t keep any place for washing our cars, and that’s why we need to search for an appropriate place to do it. A shaded place will be better for washing a car or a place where the sunlight doesn’t fall directly. The sunbeams dry out the water on a surface quickly, which hampers your cleaning process.

On open space, maybe under a tree or inside your garage would be better options. You also have to keep in mind the drainage of the waste water so that the area remains clean and dry after the wash. Park your car in a good spot keeping enough space around it so that one can easily move through.

Rinse Your Car

In the beginning, you need to rinse the surface whenever you go to wash something with a pressure washer. In the case of your car also, there is no exception. Take your power washer, start it, and connect the 40 or 60-degree nozzle to the spray gun. Start spraying water all over your car, not leaving any outer part of it.

Once your vehicle is fully wet, change the nozzle to 25-degree and spray underneath of your car, on the tires, and around to remove the hard and tough mud. Where your hand will not go, the water spray will reach easily; use the water force to clean the dirt from those areas.

Apply Detergent

Applying detergent can be harmful if your solution water ratio is not appropriate, so you must be careful. Mix at least 7-8 gallon clean water with one gallon of cleaning solution or follow the instruction that comes with your cleaning chemicals.

Once your mixture is ready, apply it all over your car without leaving any part using the soap applicator nozzle. After that, take a soft cloth and softly rub the surfaces such as the windshield, painted surface, headlights, side-view mirrors, and all the delicate surfaces.

After completing, it takes a hard cloth and rub underneath parts of your car, tires, etc. as the tough dirt, grease attaches there. Make sure all the visible parts of your car are rubbed dirt is removed or weakened.

Rinse the Detergent Off

To clear off the detergent from your car’s surface, don’t take too long from the application and rubbing it. Waiting a long time will allow the detergent to dry and sit on the surface, which will make your cleaning a little tougher.

This time you take a 25 or 40-degree nozzle and spray on your car standing a little away from your vehicle. Start from the rooftop and slowly come down, cleaning the entire detergent off the surface. Don’t leave any part, front or back of the vehicle, clean the lights, and side-views properly.

After you are done with your top part, it’s time to clean the underneath of your car. Use the same nozzle, and clean all the parts, tires properly for a better result.

Wipe off the Water

It’s important to wipe off the water from the surface once you are done with your cleaning part. If you don’t wipe off the water, it might make a chemical reaction in contact with air and light, which might harm your car’s paint.

You just have to wipe the top outer part where there is paint or glass, and for that, you must use a very soft dry towel or cloth. Start from one side and reach to the other, softly wiping the water from the entire surface. Don’t go to wipe the beneath part or your tires as there is no use in it.


You are done with cleaning your car. Have a look at it, and you will see how beautiful it looks now than before. Depending on different types of cars or models, there might be a little change in the above procedure but, mostly must be followed. Again I am saying that it’s important to select the detergent carefully, which is basically for car wash and mixing it with clean water appropriately.

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