Infographic- Everything You Need to Know about a Pressure Washer

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: March 16, 2018

Pressure washer, a machine that makes you cleaning work easy, fast, effective and comfortable. It’s a technology that converts normal water flow to a pressurized water force that cleans the mold, grim, dust, grease, dirt, and also removes the old paint. Five different color nozzles control the water speed and flow. A residential pressure washer is a low-cost machine with less power, it can be used for light-duty or medium-duty cleaning. Commercial one is meant for heavy-duty cleaning purposes. It can easily be worked for your vehicle, boat, patio, driveway, fence, house outings, concrete floor, rooftop, etc. Applying detergent is quite easy that makes your car a pretty looking shiny stuff. To measure its power, there are PSI and GPM that go hand in hand. It is handy and easily maneuverable that can be carried to any place you like. This is a machine that you’ll never regret buying.


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