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Pressure Washer Leaking Oil – Why and How Can We Solve It

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Leaking oil from a pressure washer is one of the common problems that one finds if he regularly uses his machine. It’s a general problem that can be easily solved by replacing the oil seal.

Are you facing this same problem and if you are worried about it then this article is for you.

Last week a person came to my shop with a tense face and asked me if he has to replace his entire machine as oil is leaking from his device and cannot use it properly. I immediately got his machine repaired and advised him not to worry about these types of little problems.

A pressure washer is a machine that converts regular water pressure to high-pressure water and is used to clean tough dirt, stain, etc. A machine is bound to have problems, and there are solutions offered for them.

Unfortunately, plenty of users confront this problem and replace the entire pump, not knowing that this little problem can be solved without much effort. It would help if you went through the whole article to learn all about pressure washer oil leaking and their possible solutions.

Why is my Pressure Washer Leaking Oil?

There are two oil seals in a pressure washer: the front oil seal and the other is the rear oil seal. After using the machine for a long time, these oil seals get worn out and cannot hold the inside oil pressure and lets it out.

In some cases, after maintenance, when the filter elements are not tightened properly, they might leak oil. Therefore, you must tighten the filters, diesel filter, machine filter, etc., to avoid this problem.

why is my pressure washer leaking oil

Based on weather conditions, oil might leak from your machine. Too hot and too cold causes the expansion or reduction of the holes and parts, which sometimes causes oil leakage. Because of humidity, oil can leak when oil and water are kept separate from each other.

Is an Oil Leak a Serious Problem?

Any problem that obstructs you from your work or hampers the smooth running of your work is a serious problem. The measurement of its seriousness can be done by asking if you have to replace the entire pump or repair it.

In most cases, the oil leakage problem can be solved by taking your machine to a mechanic. You can also repair it if you need to replace the oil seal only and have the proper tool to do so. These don’t identify your problem as a serious one.

is an oil leak a serious problem

It can be a severe problem for the broken parts when you may have to replace the pressure washer pump. Based on the condition of your machine, you can identify the seriousness of your problem, but in general, oil leaking is not a big issue.

How do I find out where my oil leak is from?

During your usage, if you see a different sound from the device or if there is any reduced performance, you should check your machine. When there is a leak, you will find dripping oil from the pump or engine. If you find the oil is foamy, you have to understand that there is a blown seal inside.

In case you find the oil is leaking from the seal, then there is a blown seal outside; if the leak is from the air hose, it means too much oil has been put in.

how do i find out where my oil leak is from

You have to differentiate the oil from water and not be confused if the dripping thing is oil or water. You take it in your finger and feel it; oil should be thicker than water, and it smells different.

How do you fix a leaking pressure washer?

Once you are satisfied with your checking and confirmed the oil leak and its source, you have to take the necessary steps to repair it or replace it. Before you repair your machine, make sure you remove all its components and let all the water out from the pump. You can empty the pump simply by squeezing the trigger when the machine is not running.

pressure washer leaking oil

At first, you have to buy a new oil seal kit that perfectly fits your connections. Different machines use seals of different sizes and shapes, and you have to match the seal you are going to buy with your broken seals. Using a screwdriver, remove the broken seals and place new seals precisely how the previous one was attached.

There are multiple seals used in your machine in its different places; some are for stopping oil leakage, and some are used for stopping water leakage. Due to humidity or hot weather, the holes sometimes expand or contract, which causes leakage. To tackle this type of leakage, you have to replace the seals with the appropriate ones. This means you might have to use a little bigger or smaller seal to stop the leakage.

Once you are done with replacing the seals on your machine, you must check carefully if the leakage is appropriately stopped. You can put some of your old oil and run the device to check for any possible leakage. When you are satisfied with your repair, you should replace the old oil with new oil.

There are lots of different pump oil in the market but Briggs & Stratton 6033 Synthetic 75W90 Oil for your pressure washer pump can be wise selection.

To avoid any unwanted hazard, you must check your pressure washer on a regular basis if it’s working fine and there’s no leakage or any other problem. This will help prolong your machine’s life and will ensure a good service.


Oil leakage is the result of many possible causes which we often don’t keep in mind. Due to the lack of proper care, it might happen, or the device is hit with something. The age of your machine also causes the oil or water leakage as the holes and seals are worn out after prolonged usage.

Weather condition such as hot weather and humidity often affects the machine by expanding or contracting its parts. Whatever the reason is, you have to find if there’s any oil or water leakage in your pressure washer and repair it so that it doesn’t hamper your work.

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