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Top 7 Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews – Buying Guides of 2023

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

In this article, we have mainly focused on the 7 SIMPSON pressure washer reviews with all the required features and benefits you should know!

Famous and the best gas pressure washer manufacturing company Simpson is one of the most prominent in the world. They have a really long history of over 50 years of producing power washing machines. Perfectibility is the best quality found in their machines, making them exclusive from the other manufacturers.

Simpson mostly uses the world-famous Honda company engine for better performance and longevity. They generally make gas-powered devices from 2500 PSI to 4400 PSI that can be used to remove old paints, clean the tough stain, mold, mud, etc.

What Are The Best SIMPSON Pressure Washers?

Recommended by Editor: SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228

Best for Budget: SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S

Best for Homeowners: SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125

Best Choice for Professionals: SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

Best for Outdoor Cleanings: Simpson Cleaning PS60843

Best for Water Pressure: SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240

Best Durable: SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3228-S

Top 7 Simpson Pressure Washers Comparison:

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228

  • Engine: HONDA GX200
  • PSI: 3300
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 83.2 Pounds
  • Dimension: 34 x 21 x 24 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-SSIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S

  • Engine: KOHLER RH265
  • PSI: 3100
  • GPM: 2.4 Gallons
  • Weight: 63 Pounds
  • Dimension: 34 x 20.5 x 24 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125

  • Engine: HONDA GC190
  • PSI: 3200
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 65 Pounds
  • Dimension: 26 x 18 x 35 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

  • Engine: HONDA GX390
  • PSI: 4200
  • GPM: 4.0 Gallons
  • Weight: 141 Pounds
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Simpson Cleaning PS60843Simpson Cleaning PS60843

  • Engine: SIMPSON 420cc
  • PSI: 4400
  • GPM: 4.0 Gallons
  • Weight: 135 Pounds
  • Dimension: 38 x 23 x 29 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240

  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • PSI: 4200
  • GPM: 4.0 Gallons
  • Weight: 124 Pounds
  • Dimension: 38 x 24 x 26 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3228-SSIMPSON Cleaning ALH3228-S

  • Engine: HONDA GX200
  • PSI: 3400
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 73 Pounds
  • Dimension: 30 x 21 x 24 inches
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Best SIMPSON Pressure Washer

1. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228

This is Simpson’s one of the best pressure washing machines that earned colossal admiration among its users. It is durable and robust, and it can be easily used to clean your toughest dirt, mold, grime, grease, etc., from any kind of surface. Working comfort with this machine is pretty high, and it will give you a professional cleaning experience. Look at its excellent features below.

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228


  • It has a Honda GX200 engine with low oil alert technology for better performance.
  • This machine generates 3300 PSI power with 2.5 GPM water flow.
  • There is an AAA industrial Triplex pump with power boost technology.
  • Its 25 feet HP long hose is kink and abrasion-resistant.
  • It provides 5 quick connect nozzles, 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees, and a soap nozzle.
  • It weighs 84 pounds and a dimension of 34 x 21 x 24 inches.


  • With power, you will be able to clean your toughest dirt easily.
  • Different nozzles will provide you with different working facilities.
  • A low oil alert will prevent you from harming your engine unknowingly.
  • It is easy to carry around with its two pneumatic wheels.
  • Its spray gun is pretty comfortable to handle, and you can easily connect the nozzles to it.
  • There is a one year warranty.


  • A user said that he found an oil leakage in his tank. You must check the product carefully while receiving your delivery.
  • Few users said they had an issue with the pump, and they had to repair it.

PS3228 will give the perfect value for your money. Its strong frame, engine, and the pump will provide you with service uninterruptedly for a long time. You can choose this machine for your house and office cleaning purposes.

Other Top Picks of SIMPSON Pressure Washer Reviews

Without further delay, we would like to present the rest of the best picks for SIMPSON pressure washers:

2. SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S

In our best Simpson pressure washer list, this is the second which has a great reputation for providing excellent service to its consumers. It has a powerful KOHLER engine, and its stainless steel frame makes it solid and easy-to-carry. To clean your patio, fence, car, boat, sidings, roof, garage, etc., this machine will serve you perfectly. Check its features properly before making a purchase.

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S


  • The machine contains a KOHLER RH265 engine, which is strong and powerful.
  • Maintenance-free OEM Technology Axial Cam Pump for better performance and durability.
  • This device provides 3100 PSI pressure with a 2.4 GPM flow of water.
  • 25 feet MorFlex non-marring, kink-resistant HP hose.
  • 5 quick-connect nozzle tips: 0, 15, 25, 40, and soap applicator.
  • It has a weight of 63 pounds and a dimension of 33 x 18 x 23 inches.


  • This power can be used to clean most of your most hardened mud, grime, and dirt.
  • Removing your old paint will be easy and smooth with this machine.
  • You can use 5 different nozzles for 5 different cleanings.
  • Its hose is quite strong and pressure tolerant.
  • Maneuverability is smooth for this device.
  • You will get a 1-year warranty.


  • While unboxing the machine, a user found one of the brass fittings was broken.
  • Some said its engine is hard to start but good in quality.

Choosing a pressure washer is not quite easy; you have to think about many things and then decide. MS60763-S can be a good option for your office and house cleaning purposes. Its durability is unquestionable, so your investment will last for a long time.

3. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125

This machine is a little more powerful than our previous one. It looks compact because of its structure and better maneuverability, and you will get full working satisfaction. If you are thinking about cleaning your RV, big truck, car, roof, or anything away from your house, you can keep this machine by your side. Look at its features before you select one for you.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125


  • The Honda GC190 premium engine has been used in this device.
  • It has OEM technology Axial Cam Pump, which is maintenance-free.
  • It’ll give 3200 PSI force along with 2.5 GPM water flow.
  • There are 5 quick connect nozzles: 0, 15, 25, 40, and soap applicator.
  • For better carriage, it has 10″ premium pneumatic wheels.
  • 65 pounds is its weight, and 34.8 x 21 x 23.2 inches is the dimension.


  • The Honda engine is well known for its power and durability.
  • To clean your tough dirt, its power is more than enough.
  • It will give you a different cleaning experience through its various nozzle tips.
  • This machine is quite easy to carry around with its wheels.
  • You are getting 1 year of limited warranty.


  • Some users had an issue with their pump after the warranty period was over.
  • Some users said their product didn’t work the first time; they had to replace them.

Based on your different types of needs and cleaning scopes, you can select MSH3125 MegaShot. This device has a very good review of its consumers. Your investment in this pressure washer will be safe and secure.

4. SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

With oil-boost technology and a powerful pump, Simpson PS4240 is a beautiful machine to fulfill your cleaning purposes. House, office, floor, patio, vehicle, boat cleaning will be smooth and comfortable with this device. It has the power to remove old paint from a surface and easily remove the toughest dirt and grime. Have a look at its excellent features.

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240


  • Honda GX390 engine has been used for better performance.
  • AAA Industrial Triplex Plunger pump with power boost technology.
  • 4200 PSI water pressure with 4.0 water flow.
  • It has 50 feet long HP hose, which is kink and abrasion-resistant.
  • 5 quick connect nozzles will be provided, 0, 15, 25, 40, and soap nozzles.
  • 141 pounds is its weight, and the dimension is 27.8 x 27 x 24.2 inches


  • This is one of the most powerful engines Simpson.
  • Your most rigid mold, and grime can be easily removed without much effort.
  • You can easily remove the paint from any surface.
  • For different cleanings, you have different types of nozzles.
  • You can easily carry using its wheels.
  • It has one year of warranty to back your investment.


  • You must be very careful while using this machine as it’s quite powerful.
  • After using it for a long time, its broken pump case has been found in many cases.

This machine will give you a commercial feel like the toughest stain, and mud; dirt can be easily cleaned with it. Your one-time investment will serve you for an extended period of time. If you need a really powerful engine, you can keep this device in your mind.

5. Simpson Cleaning PS60843

Simpson makes strong and tough machines, and this one in the list even looks tougher. It has a compact design, stainless steel frame, better engine, efficient pump, and all the other components that will make your cleaning work even more accessible. It’s pretty powerful that can be easily used for your industrial cleanings along with home and office cleanings. See its good features.

Simpson Cleaning PS60843


  • Its Simpson 420CC engine is featured with low oil shutdown technology.
  • It has an AAA Industrial Triplex Plunger pump for the best performance.
  • The engine generates 4400 PSI pressure and 4.0 GPM water flow.
  • You will get five quick-connect nozzles: 0, 15, 25, 40, and soap nozzle.
  • Its 50 feet long hose is durable and kink resistant.
  • Its dimension is 38 x 23 x 29 inches, and its weight is 135 pounds.


  • Its power can be counted among the commercial pressure washers.
  • You will get a good quality engine with the best pump.
  • Your toughest dirt and grime can be cleaned quickly and comfortably.
  • Its nozzles can be easily connected to its spray gun.
  • Though it’s a heavy machine, moving will not take much effort.
  • This machine has 1 year of manufacturing warranty.


  • There was oil leakage in one of the consumers’ machines during delivery time. You must check your machine properly while receiving it.
  • For your light-duty cleanings, you have to be very careful.

PS60843 is one of the best pressure washers for your rough and tough cleaning job. If you think about investing wisely, this can be a good option. If you buy this machine, don’t forget to send your valuable review.

6. SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240

This is another powerful pressure washer for cleaning your tough dirt and grime. For cleaning your floor, patio, garage, vehicle, boat, sidings, etc. it will be a perfect machine. In terms of strength and durability, it has no match. Look at its features to decide if you want it.

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240


  • Honda GX390 engine is used in this machine.
  • It has a Cat Industrial Triplex Plunger pump.
  • The machine generates 4200 PSI force and 4.0 GPM flow.
  • There is a 50 feet long hose and 5 nozzles set containing 0, 15, 25, 40, and soap.
  • 124 pounds is its weight, and 38 x 24 x 26 inches is the dimension.


  • It can be used to clean tough dirt and grime.
  • It’s easy to carry around your cleaning area.
  • Different nozzles will give you various cleaning experiences.
  • Its hose is kink and abrasion-resistant.
  • It has a one-year limited manufacturing warranty.


  • After using it for few times, some users found leakage in the pump.
  • Some users said they couldn’t use it more than 5 times, and they had to contact the seller.

You can choose this machine based on your needs and the cleaning sphere. Your primary focus should be on the machine that fulfills your actual purpose. You can keep ALH4240 on your choice list.

7. SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3228-S

This machine is featured the world-famous Honda engine and aluminum frame, which makes it solid and light. You will not have any problem carrying it around your working area, and it also produces less sound than most of gas machines. See its features to select your best choice.

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3228-S


  • It has a popular Honda GX200 engine that will give you the best performance.
  • The pump it uses is the CAT Industrial Triplex Plunger pump.
  • It generates 3400 PSI force with 2.5 GPM water flow.
  • There is a 25 feet HP hose with 5 quick connect nozzles.
  • Its weight is 73 pounds, and the dimension is 30 x 21 x 24 inches.


  • Strong and durable is the machine.
  • It will support you in most of your cleanings.
  • You will have different nozzles for different cleanings.
  • It’s easy to carry around places.
  • It has 6 months to 3 years warranty, varying on different components.


  • It might be a little challenging to start.
  • In some cases, its spray gun became a little hard to control.

Investing in this machine will be your proper investment. You will get all the facilities and comfort while doing your cleaning job. You can choose this one for your work considering all its good and bad sides.

About SIMPSON as a Brand

simpson pressure washer reviewsJack Simpson is the founder of the company that started making pressure washers in the early 1960s. Later in 2006, the company was sold to the FNA Group. This company has been making pressure washers for more than 50 years and has mastered developing its products.

They mostly make the gas run pressure washers which are, in general, pretty powerful. They make their product mainly to remove paints and clean filth and dirt from almost all surfaces. They usually put the engines made by the world-famous company Honda in their products. For this reason, their products are strong, durable, and powerful.

The company is actually pretty famous for making gas pressure washers. People who want a powerful engine and extreme water pressure usually tend to go for Simpson products. The reviews given by the pressure washer users about Simpson are very good.

The company makes not only residential power washers but also commercial pressure washers. There is no doubt in the power and durability of Simpson’s pressure washers. They have been doing business for many years and understand the consumers’ needs. If you want to talk to them, the address is 7152 99th Street, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, P: 847.348.1500, F: 847.882.7229.

Buying Guide of Simpson Pressure Washer

Before you make your purchase, you must consider the following things.

Measurement of Work: Make a list of things you will use the machine for. See its working types and decide what PSI you will need in your pressure washer and what GPM you should look for. This will help you with selecting your best option.

Read the Features and Reviews: Do a thorough survey; read all the Simpson pressure washer reviews, and gather knowledge. If possible, talk to someone who is already using Simpson machines.

Make Your Budget: Your budget is essential while selecting and buying a product. Match your existing budget with the prices of the devices that you have selected. Considering the features and prices decide the pressure washer you want to buy.

Final Thoughts

Finally, place your order and get delivery to your doorsteps. The above-listed machines, manufactured by Simpson, are widely recognized and used. Simpson has been making quality machines for an extended period of time and has maintained its good reputation. Most of its customers have good faith in the company and are satisfied with its service. You can also become a member of the Simpson family.

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