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What is Pressure Washer Pump Saver Made of?

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

A pressure washer pump saver is made of different chemicals to save the pump from extreme temperature and from cracking because of various reasons.

Why is it important to know about a pressure washer pump saver and who should use it?

A regular user of a pressure washer should have a good idea about all its components and the other materials are necessary for his machine. Around the world, the weather is not the same; in some places, it’s too hot, and in some places, it’s too cold. When a company makes a machine, it becomes difficult for them to make different weather tolerable devices, so they advise some other materials to deal with extreme weather.

The people who live in the cold regions they must use a pump saver to avoid any damage to their machine’s pump. If they don’t do it, the machine might refuse to work when the winter is over. To know details, you must read the entire article.

What is a Pump Saver for Pressure Washer?

In a simple explanation, we can say a pump saver saves the pump of a pressure washer. It’s a chemical in liquid form that needs to be put inside the pump before storing your machine for a long time. This chemical solution prevents the pump from becoming too much stiff, and it also doesn’t let the remaining water become frozen.

What is Pressure Washer Pump Saver Made of

When we finish our cleaning work, we empty the pump by disconnecting the water supply and pulling the trigger for some time. This process lets the water get out from the pump, but it cannot totally empty the pump. Some water remains inside the pump, which doesn’t create a problem if the weather is normal.

However, in cold weather, the water gets frozen and swells, putting pressure on the other parts’ pump walls. This causes cracks and other damages to the pump. A pump saver prevents these types of damages.

What is Pressure Washer Pump Saver Made of?

Different companies have a different formulation of making a pump saver. But mostly, they use either ethanol or propylene glycol because these are pretty good chemicals for antifreeze. They keep the water inside the pump from freezing, saving the pump from any kind of corrosion.

All these chemicals contain alcohol which is highly flammable and needs to keep away from any kind of fire. Some people use extra lubricant for the pump to become smooth and effective, and some don’t.

It’s recommended not to use any other lubricant with your antifreeze solution as the glycol itself has lubricant properties. Some people even use it throughout the year, which is unnecessary; you just have to put this solution before winter comes and when you are not going to use your machine for a long time.

Is Pressure Washer Pump Protector Necessary?

For people living in a hot region, a pressure washer pump protector might not be necessary. If they use regular pump oil, then that’ll be sufficient. But for those who live in a cold region, this solution is quite important.

The extreme cold makes everything liquid frozen, which changes their size as well. After use, the remaining water inside a pump becomes solid and puts pressure on the walls and shafts of your pump. Many times the walls and components cannot tolerate this type of high pressure and damage the pump.

Once winter is over or you take out your machine for use, you might see that the pump got spoilt. This is the reason you should always use a pump saver in a colder country.

How often should You Use Pump Saver on Pressure Washer?

Depending on the weather condition, you should use a pump saver in your cleaning device. The basic theme is that if you store your machine for a long period of time and the weather is cold around, you must use a pump saver.

Some of the users put RV antifreeze in their pumps throughout the year and reviewed that it helped their machine stay in good condition. Some use the solution before the winter comes when they know that they might not use it for quite a while.


The way you take care of your house and everything you need to look after the devices that you use in your regular life. A pressure washer pump saver is an important element unless you want to regularly repair or change your pump. You will see plenty of antifreeze solution available in the market, which will not only save your pump from damage but also help you stay relaxed.

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