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What Should I Look for in a Professional Pressure Washer?

A professional pressure washer can clean a surface in a better way; It’s not necessary that you need to have a commercial pressure washer to become professional. Generally, people use this machine to clean different surfaces such as the house, floor, patio, garage, fence, etc. The main power remains in being able to do your work in a professional way. It’s a general question by the users that what should I look for in a professional pressure washer. Often people go for higher PSI and GPM when they go to buy a pressure washer, even if they don’t have much work to do. A commercial machine can do your work in a better way, but they are often costly which you might not be able to afford.

A pressure washer can be called a professional one when you can complete your work with it comfortably and be satisfied. 3000 PSI and over 3 GPM machines are considered as commercial ones. You should look for a better engine with a powerful and durable pump to think professionally.

What should I look for in a professional pressure washer

What is a Professional Pressure Washer?

A professional pressure washer is one that has sufficient power to complete your cleaning work without any hassle. For example, you want to clean the floor, garage and cars in your office; you should go with a regular pressure washer with less PSI.

On the other hand, if you have to clean a vast area or tough dirt in your factory, you must go with higher PSI machines. In all cases, the durability and quality of your machine must be considered.

Professional pressure washers are mostly bought for use in an office, factory, workshop, etc. This is because they have a lot to clean regularly at these places, which means a machine has to work longer hours. That’s why these machines need to be strong and durable enough to cope up with daily works.

What should I look for when buying a professional pressure washer?

A pressure washer unit is the combination of multiple components that work altogether to turn a regular water force into a high-pressure one. Among these components, the engine, pump, nozzle set and high-pressure hose are important. While buying, you have to look for the performance and durability of these parts.

An engine is the heart of a pressure washer that propels the pump, and you can find two types of engines, gasoline-run and electricity run.

Generally, gas machines are more powerful than their counterparts. Therefore, you should choose this type for better performance provided you have a shop nearby where you can buy the gas efficiently.

Among the three types of pumps, triplex pumps are considered the most durable and highest quality. A pump is that part where the pressure is generated and applied to the water to flow at a very high speed.

The quality of a pump decides the amount of pressure it can generate. While buying, you must go with the well-known brand pumps.

Nozzle tips are the parts that control the angle and force of the water spray. For different types of cleaning, you will need different nozzles. You should look for a complete set of nozzles in your unit; otherwise, you might have to buy them from outside.

A full set contains 0, 15, 25, 40, 60-degree and a soap applicator nozzle. The high-pressure hose should be flexible enough to move it around your working area.

What kind of pressure washer do professionals use?

The people who work professionally go for a complete set of commercial pressure washers. It’s always good to have better power because you never know what kind of cleaning you have to do in your workplace.

The water pressure of a machine can be reduced to match with the requirement, but it cannot be increased. So for the unknown possible work, the professional people always choose the commercial pressure washer that runs on gas.

The amount of work at a professional place is higher than the other areas. Durability is another quality that professionals look for in a machine so that it can provide service for a long time without a problem.

You might need to purchase different additional components to make your work smooth which your machine must support.


A pressure washer is very important in our daily lives as they save our energy and time at the same time. To work at your business, you must go with a professional pressure washer to do the cleaning comfortably.

Before you make your purchase, you should measure your working sectors and then decide what PSI and GPM should be perfect for you.

Do some extensive research learning about the different brands, and decide. If you don’t understand them, you can even talk to an expert who will explain everything that’ll help you choose.

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