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Will Pressure Washer Remove Oil From Concrete

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Being too sticky, oil and grease-like substances don’t come off easily from concrete which can be solved by a pressure washing machine that forces any dirt to remove from any surface.

Will pressure washer remove oil from concrete without applying much effort?

As non-technical people, we always have many questions in our minds, and they need to be answered as quickly as possible. If you have already bought a pressure washing machine or maybe want to buy one, then this is a very common question that will come to your mind. It would be best if you did some research before making any investment so that you remain on the winning side.

A power washing machine uses water force to eliminate any dirt from a surface, making it clean and tidy. This machine can also clean oil and grease-like materials, and there are additional chemicals such as pressure washer detergent make the work even easier. To understand fully, you must go through the entire article.

Is Pressure Washing Bad for Concrete?

Concrete is a very hard surface that needs high force to be damaged, and it can easily tolerate the pressure of a power washing machine. But, nowadays, there are many powerful devices available in the market. These are mainly used for commercial cleanings and have the capability to harm a concrete surface if it’s not particularly strong.

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The regular residential pressure washers produce less water force and are pretty safe for your concrete surface.

How Much PSI Do I Need to Clean Concrete?

3000+ PSI with 4 GPM is good for cleaning a concrete surface effectively. There are many ways to clean your concrete surface, including applying detergent, rubbing with a brush, using hot water, etc. If you are applying detergent and rubbing the dirty area with a brush, less PSI machines can also clean your concrete. Using a hot water pressure washer also pretty effective for concrete surfaces but these machines are less used because of their complex maintenance.

will pressure washer remove oil from concrete

On different concrete types of moss grows, oil and grease type sticky dirt attach to it which are difficult to remove, and for them, you need 3000+ PSI machine. If you don’t have a powerful machine, you should apply a detergent on the surface first. After that, rub it with a hard scrubber and wash it with your pressure washer. Make sure you spray water on all the corners and joining parts to make it look clean.

What Removes Oil Stains from Concrete at Home?

Oil stains are particularly strong and sticky which don’t come off from a surface easily. To remove these stains, you need different methods or a very high PSI pressure washer. The problem with a powerful machine is that it often damages the surface that it cleans. For these reasons, even if you have a powerful device, you must be very careful while cleaning your not-so-hard surfaces such as your vehicle, fence, glass, wood, etc.

What Removes Oil Stains from Concrete at Home

Oil stains are bound to make much of your stuff dirty, even if you be cautious while using them. If you don’t clean this dirt, it becomes dark over time and looks very odd, and it stinks. For hard surfaces like concrete, you can directly use detergent and your heavy-duty pressure washer and clean oil stain. For the delicate surfaces, first, you should make it wet with water and apply detergent. After that, you rub the entire area with a soft scrubber or cloth, removing the oil stain and the other sticky dirt. Finally, you should spray water with less force on the entire area to clean it.


Do detailed research and get some knowledge about a pressure washer before you buy one. Your study should include a few basic things. For example, what are the things that you are going to clean with your pressure washer, what PSI machine should cover all your cleaning stuff, and the pressure washer that comes within your budget. Cleaning concrete is a very basic thing that we need to do in our daily lives since many of our areas contain concrete. Get a clean and healthy life with a pressure washer and stay happy.

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