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How do You Drain Water from a Pressure Washer Pump

Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: April 29, 2023

Before winterizing a pressure washer, you need to drain water from its pump, which is an easy process that requires nothing but your power washing machine only.

Why do we need to drain water from a pressure washer pump?

If you also have the same kind of question, you must go through the entire article. A pressure washing machine mostly deals with water which is pressurized inside its pump and sent out with immense speed.

When we do our cleaning, most of the work is done by its pump, and after completion, a lot of water remains inside it. This remaining water can harm your pump severely, and to save your machine, you must empty it before storing it.

In case of too much cold weather, this left out water harms an engine even more. Some of the water remains in the hose pipe that can be drained easily, but at times, draining water from the pump can give you big trouble.

How do You Drain a Pressure Washer Pump?

Shut the engine off when you are done with your cleaning and press the spray gun’s trigger to let all the pressure out from the pump. After that, remove all its components, for example, inlet hose, HP hose, etc., and switch off the power button.

how do you drain water from a pressure washer pump

If you can arrange for some sort of compressor or air blower, your work will be more accessible. Put the air compressor’s hose on the water inlet connector of your pump and blow the air. It’ll let all the water out from your pump easily through its water outlet connector. Once the water is drained, tilt the machine a little to let out all remaining water. Your device is totally empty of water now.

If you don’t have a compressor, blowing air through your mouth can also be of good help. In this situation, connect a small-sized garden hose to the inlet pipe and start blowing air from the other end. It’ll not take much pressure, and all the water will come out easily. Finally, tilt the machine to drain the remaining water.

How do You Drain an Electric Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer pump is a separate part from its power supply. The pressure washer engine propels the pump, whether you take a gas-powered engine or electric engine.

To drain water from an electric pressure washer pump, you have to follow the same procedure that is required for a gas-powered machine. In the case of an electric machine, make sure that its power supply is disconnected and all its switches are turned off.

How do You Drain an Electric Pressure Washer

To empty water from an electric pressure washer pump, remove all its hoses and blow air through the inlet pipe. The air will drain all its water from the pump, and at last, you can tilt the machine a little to empty it totally.


Maintenance is essential for any type of machine if you want to use it for a long time. After every use, you must clean your pressure washer and take the necessary steps before storing it. Draining water from its pump is one of the important maintenance steps. The importance is even higher when the weather is very cold, and you want to store it for a long time.

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